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A friend of mine and I are plotting out a radio show in the style of "War of the Worlds," i.e. a fake news broadcast about the goings on. The events will begin in December and will lead up to a dissolution of the United States through secession all over the place. So far, here's the timeline. Dates may be changed about, but this is generally how it should be going. I also included fake quotes from people. Let me know what you think and when we do the radio show, I'll figure out how to let you guys check it out, (the campus radio station can be accessed via the internet).

Dec. 2004

5 – Referendum vote brought up by petition in New Jersey, New York, Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Maryland to secede

7 – Governors of NJ, ME, MA, CT, RI, and MD allow vote to follow, New York does not follow suit – Attorney General Eliot Spitzer calls for removal of NY Governor George Pataki – “He is denying the will of the people.”

President George W. Bush condemns the rash actions of the states citing, “We are one, United States of America not a loose confederation of independent states. We must remain united.”

12 – Enough signatures for a recall election are brought to the State Dept. in New York – Republicans rally behind Pataki, Democrats rally behind Spitzer

21 – Referendum vote brought up by petition in Quebec to secede from Canada

23 – Referendum vote brought up by petition in New Hampshire, Vermont

29 – Recall election – Spitzer becomes new Governor of New York – allows referendum of New York to secede from the Union.

30 – US President George W. Bush calls on all states with referendums to end talk of secession – calls emergency meeting of Congress – Congress puts forward statement condemning the actions stating that any state that passes said referendums will be deemed in state of rebellion and military force can be utilized – Senators Clinton, Kennedy, Schumer, Leahy, and Jeffords walk out on Senate floor – return to home states

EU makes public statement supporting independent state’s rights to secede as they can within the EU – Opposition from UK

Jan. 2005

1 – Former NY Governor Pataki begins the Vote No campaign in all the states where secession is an option – says “This perfect union should not be divided over petty politics.”

3 – Quebec officially passes referendum for first time – Quebec declares itself an independent nation and calls on the UN to acknowledge its existence – closes borders

5 – NY Governor Spitzer and MA Governor Romney call the National Guard in each state under their direct jurisdiction

7 – UN acknowledges the sovereignty of Quebec

10 – Record number of voters to the polls in NY, NJ, ME, CT, RI, MD, VT, NH, MA – All states vote for secession except NH

11 – All US troops begin being pulled from Europe, Pacific, Caribbean

12 – Utah – Man comes out of the desert named El Vas – Claims to be the King of Kings – gains quasi-cult following in Nevada – Speaks of the end of times approaching

13 – Nevada, California, Washington, and Oregon bring forward secession votes – Arnold Schwarzenegger supports each state’s right to secede.

NH Governor calls on National guard to protect border of NH

14 – Constitutional committee called in newly seceded Northern American states

20 – Coalition of Independent American States (CIAS) formed – NY, NJ, ME, CT, RI, MA, VT– President John Kerry, VP Howard Dean appointed by state governments as temporary position – full elections planned to be held in 2006

21 – Martial law declared in “CIAS” and MD – National Guard troops in MD and non-CIAS states called to keep the peace

People of NH call to arms to rise up against Governor Benson – National guard battles with local uprisings

22 – Battle for Cape May – NJ State Militia battles unit from the MD National Guard – NJ militants hold own and protect Cape May, pushing back US National Guard troops from NJ Shores back over to MD

23 – Vote in CA, NV, WA, OR to occur in Feb on same day – Feb 3 – by unanimous decision of Governors of said states

Another battle over Cape May occurs – MD NG troops enter NJ

25 – CIAS Constitution ratified by all states – MD asks to join CIAS

26 – Insurgents in PA in Pittsburgh and Philadelphia – call for secession

27 – Quebec acknowledges sovereignty of CIAS – sends ambassador to President Kerry – offers troops, munitions, and any other support necessary

28 – Kerry calls on international community to acknowledge the sovereignty of the CIAS – VP Dean flies to Munich to speak before the European Union

Bush declares Kerry and Dean both liable for treason – if captured death penalty can be executed – National Guard called into Pennsylvania to put down riots outside Pittsburgh and Philadelphia – National Guard unit skirmish on border of PA and NY – neither side gained ground

30 – Dean gives speech before EU saying, “People of Europe, you have long had allies in the Northern US who, with steadfast courage opposed the actions of the so-called ‘moral-majority’ who pushed for unjust wars. I ask that you remember your alliances, remember that we did not side with the tyranny of Bush, fought long and hard to prevent the conflicts he inspired. We now ask you to accept us as one of your own, as a peer in the international community. We ask you to protect us as you would your own child, a fledgling nation forged in your image of international cooperation and peace.”

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sounds like a lot of fun. will you stream it online so I can listen down here in Florida?

have you heard of Robert Anton Wilson's "Guns & Dope Party?"

It calls for Northern California, Oregon, Washington State and British Columbia to secede and create "Freetopia."

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No, I haven't heard that one.

This'll be done as a "News Program" telling people how the world is going crazy and yes, if it's done on our radio station it can be streamed online. Otherwise, we may just record it on the computer, I don't know yet....all I've done so far is start to come up with the actual timeline of events.

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is the URL, its a joke, but worth considering ;o)

I'm a HUGE fan of radio programs, myself, have over 30GB of them on my hard drive and listen to live and downloaded and stream leve radio 97% to 3% over watching TV.

where do you go to college? I am currently enrolled in Goddard College's MFA in Creative Writing program.

best of luck! more dramatized audio, I says!

have you checked out Sci-Fi Channels "Seeing Ear Theater?" it's pretty darned good

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