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Scandal Factor

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Personally, I think there ought to be some sort of random 'scandal factor' that affects the chances of a scandal being discovered on a candidate and the chance of it being strong. Some candidates have had (IRL) a tendency to have lots and lots of scandals pop up, while others are pretty clean and only get false stories against them, it seems. Also, there should be the occasional random scandal that nobody ordered, but that just appeared from a major gaffe or something like that.

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not a bad idea Taft.

I've never really liked the scandal thing if you're playing the computer w/ 2 or 3 computer canidates. some libertarian or such will scandal your guy/gal and the others will spin it out of control -

end up spending all your EPs trying to kill it

its a particular problem in my 1912 where all 4 parties are on, and in other scenerios where a third or fourth party are on

1.15 fixed the spin factor fairly well, but it also screws you if you researched a scandal, hit strong, and it goes away after 3 or 4 days

maybe they should just be random period???

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I don't know about having all scandals be random. I'm not opposed to it; I just don't know about it. It does seem that there should be some control over scandals though.

Perhaps if you could spend 1 CP on a "dustbusting" crew to keep scandals pertaining to your candidate out of the news. (Think the Kathy Bates character in the movie "Primary Colors.") While it may seem to cancel out the 1 CP needed by your opponent to do research on a scandal against you, it could force the player (or AI) to consider whether the 1 CP is needed more in the campaign proper (ie building crusaders, influencing endorsments, creating foot soldiers et al.) or as protection for a lead in the polls. The single CP of protection may be more important in a race that has more than just two parties, since several campaigns can stack up several scandals against one candidate.

Of course, this is just random thinking and suggesting on my part.

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The scandals should be more specific give a little more information about the scandal, what you did specifically.

Second there should be computer charactors that if offer bribes and for kick back, which you can get away with it or caught, causing a scandal.

Third the game should have the population get sick of a scandal that has been spin to many times and the person that spins, get a scandal of start to lose point for spining to many times.

Fourth You should be able to bribe a candidate not to run,If you are caught you and the other candidate get a merged scandal.

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