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Kentucky - 2007

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There's a gubernatorial election scheduled in November 2007 in my home state of Kentucky.


The incumbent Republican Governor, Ernie Fletcher, was elected in 2003 after 32 consecutive years of Democratic reign to "clean up the mess in Frankfort.", beating the scion of one of Kentucky's greatest political families. Fletcher began to systematically fire merit-appointed Democrats (who had to qualify for their jobs solely based upon skill, and had to pass a civil service test) for no cause, after they supported his opponent in 2003, and appointed unqualified Republicans to perform their jobs.

Fletcher was indicted in 2005 on three misdemeanor counts, and used his ally in Chief Justice Joseph Lambert to try and fight off the charges, obtaining through Footnote 16, an opinion by the Chief Justice attached to a completely unrelated case a ruling stating that an incumbent Governor can't be prosecuted for any crimes while in office. Fletcher's approval rating and support among moderate Republicans plummeted after he pardoned everyone involved but himself and he found himself with no support in the General Assembly.

The Democratic Attorney General prosecuting the case, Greg Stumbo, realized that Fletcher would pardon himself before facing trial in November 2006, that the Administrative Division of the Courts in Kentucky controlled by the Chief Justice would keep referring the matters over to Special Judges appointed by the Governor who wouldn't recuse themselves, and that he (Stumbo) could not realize his own ambition of becoming Governor while prosecuting the current Governor, struck a deal where in exchange for dropping the charges, Fletcher would admit wrongdoing, get his appointees to the state Personnel Board to resign, and replacements to be appointed from a Stumbo-generated list.

This backstory touches just the very basics, but Fletcher (who commands a very loyal legion of disciples) finds himself in the fight of his political life as the election approaches. He is being challenged in the Republican primaries by a wealthy businessman and a popular (in Republican circles) ex-Congresswoman defeated in 2006, with a throng of Democrats waiting to take him on in the general election.

Does this seem like anything anyone would be interested in playing? In Kentucky, Governor and Lt. Gov. run together on a slate picked in the primary (so I'll make the Vice-Leaders reflective), and I expect to change the delegate selection in the primary to reflect the number of ballots cast and utilize PR with a cutoff of 0 in both party's primaries. I can also change this for the general election. Can anyone else think of any changes to be made to P4E+P to make it compatible with a gubernatorial election?

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