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Third Party Battle 2004

See who's on top for the major third party candidates for President: Nader, Badnarik, Peroutka, Cobb

(That's in order of how much of the popular vote they each got in 2004).

I haven't started anything and I'm not sure if I'll have to time to make it, but I figured I'd toss it out there as an idea in case anyone else wanted to try it up.

I had ideas on how to break down the vote:

Take the % of the vote normally allocated to each major party and divide as so:

20% Repub - Nader

40% Repub - Constitution

40% Repub - Libertarian

20% Demo - Libertarian

40% Demo - Green

40% Demo - Nader

Whatever additional percentages could be broken down state by state, giving boosts to say the Greens in VT, the Libertarians in NV, the CP in South Carolina, etc.

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MattyN, if you plan to do this really (and it does sound interesting), I've just created an excel spreadsheet that can redistribute party support like you wanted and give a nice electorate_trends.p4e file simply by copy-paste. I've actually already done the file and tested it. At the beginning, it gives nationally:

Nader 29% 247 EV (including Texas!)

Constituion 17% 0 EV

Libertarian 26% 20 EV (Kansas, Indiana and Wyoming)

Green 17% 0 EV

271 EV in toss-up States.

If you want to, give me an e-mail and I'll send the .p4e file and, if you ask for it, the excel spreadsheet (with explications).

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The scenario's being worked on so far...and as expected Nader comes out on top if I do NOTHING with all the three candidates. It is possible to swing states with any of the candidates. I've already added in some additional candidates and plan to add more.


Charles Jay

Gary Nolan

Howard Stern (Borrowed from the excellent "The Wedge" Scenario).

More Green candidates will be added and probably a few new Constitution Party candidates.

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Teaser 2: http://www.picturevillage.com/photo/data/d...932_p252191.png

I'm basically done with the file, I'm gonna send it along to Tony soon, of course giving full credit to my partner in crime simonvallee.

Candidates range from Ralph Nader to Michael Peroutka to Michael Badnarik to Charles Jay to Jason West. At least 3 candidates for each party sans Independent, (Nader's the only one there crazy enough).

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