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I'm working on a... different... kind of scenario, which might be the cause of the problem I'm having. Or not.

In essence, there is only one state in my scenario, the entirety of Mexico, since Mexico doesn't use the electoral college. I am doing a sim of the 2000 Mexican presidential election (Fox/Labastida/Cardenas)

Once the candidates have been selected, the game crashes with the error:

Access violation at address 0040DE91 in module 'p4e.exe'. Read of address 00000054.
Error in adBox:getNumAdMaking
List index out of bounds (-1)

Most probably this stems from an error somewhere in scenario.txt or one of the other setup files, but I am not sure where. I am going to have to double-triple-check this.

Has anyone gotten a similar error, and if so, how have you resolved it?

~ Jim

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