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The help file isnt that clear about spinng the news (imho)

If i spin a negative story about my candidate does it lessen the blow or am i giving advertising to the scandal/negative news story?

If i spin a positive story about my opponent (say 'Bush rolls through florida), does that mean i am trying to convince the public that Bush's campaign trip to florida is crap or am i promoting it

sorry for my ignorance but the help file only seems to mention spinning positive stories about yourself and negative stories about your opponent

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Veg, if it's negative for you you weaken it. but if it's negative toward your oppenent it strengths it right?

In other words Zulu. Think about real life

When the Swiftt Boat Vets thing came out Kerry tried to spin it and lessen the blow, make it go away. But Bush tried to spin it, and keep it around.

Spinning always is good for you, you cannot negative spin and make it worse. At least I don't think you can.

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