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British general election scenerio

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Well, here's a challenge...

Hundreds and hudreds of constituencies. The map would be an absolute knightmare to create

1 MP (one electoral college vote) for each constituency

The only (only..ha) problem would be the fact that a plurality of votes for your party would be seen (by the computer) as a victory for you, whereas in real life, a party would need an absolute majority to be declared victorious.

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Well, Scotland, Wales and the North of England tend to be Labour and the South tends to be Conservative but it is nowhere near that simple

Anyway Ive made a good map using a good image from the net including



Northern Ireland

The North West

The North East

Yorkshire and Humberside

The East Midlands

The West Midlands

East Anglia

The South West

The South East

and London

as the constituencies (these are the constituencies in the European elections so Im maintaining an air of political realism)

Hope to get the Scenerio out in the next few days/couple of weeks

Any suggestions would be most welcome

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Not sure how it's gonna shake out with Candidates/Running mates but Im thinking...


Tony Blair

Gordon Brown

Charles Clarke

Robin Cook

David Blunkett

Jack Straw

John Prescott

Alan Milburn


Michael Howard

Oliver Letwin

David Davis

Michael Anrcam

Liberal Democrats:

Charles Kennedy

Lembit Opik

Menzies Campbell

Probably gonna put the UK Independence Party in to balance the whole left-right thing out a bit

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Damn. Your map's better than mine :D

(not that my map is bad)

good idea about the Celtic Party - the main thing ive been wondering about is what to do with/in the irish constituencies (since labour, conservatives and libs dems dont run in those seats)

Seems we've both worked hard on uk scenerios, only for prime minister forever UK to be announced :angry:

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