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Speaking of that, here are some new scenarios I STRONGLY recommend :angry: :






1968: It was one of the closet elections in US history and was critical in the future of our nation. Intresting primary season on the Dem side aswell. Also had a major 3rd party candidate(Wallace).

1976: It was also a very close election, it also helareled the rise of Jimmy Carter, and made the asension of Ronald Reagan inevitable.

1984: Not a close election by a longshot, but had an EXTREMELEY close primary season on the Dem side betewwn Mondale and Hart.

1988: A close election in the popular vote. Also had the first major black candidate to seriously compete for a major partys nomination(Jackson). Plus many say that Dukakis defeating Bush as very possible.

I heard that they decide which elections to do based on how close/important they were so why haven't 1968 and 1976 already been included?

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