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Less than 0% error!!!


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An issue that really bugs me about the game is the fact that a party can go below 0% and into negative numbers. It makes the vote for the other parties add up to more than 100%.

For example, in an alternative 2004 election game I created, I made the Green Party the fourth party. And as soon as the new polls come in, the Greens drop to

-8% or lower. It's the same with the Ontario scenario.

It's very annoying, because in certain ridings very focused on one party, like Mount Royal, I've had results like 107% for Irwin Cotler.

Is there any way of making it so 0% is the lowest a party can get?

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I've seen it happen in both, but I tend to play Canadian more.

And it's not just in scenarios that I alter. I've played the original Canada 2004 scenario, unedited, and I've seen the NDP candidates in Quebec in negative numbers, as well as the Conservative candidate in Vancouver East. Then if you add up the total votes, it equals 103 or 104%.

Any way to fix it so the candidate bottoms out at 0%?

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