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Creating New Political Parties

Vulcan Raptor

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Hi. I'd like to know how to either add a new political party to an existing scenario OR how to edit over another existing party and give it a new name. I tried doing this in the 08 scenario, after backing up the original, and tried to replace "libertarian" with "Green" but after checking all the xml files and replacing the words "liberatarian" with "green" I still get an error and the game shuts down.

Please help! Thanks.

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I think I may have been having trouble with this... I had a hypothesis that after I just changed the parties manually (which the candidate editor accepted and all) the fact that my election data under political units still had the old parties was making the game give an error message when it was on the "Creating game... Please wait." screen, but I think I fixed that and it doesn't appear to have gotten better.

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