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Some o' Them Ferin' Countries...

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Two questions:

1. Is anyone planning to work on any foreign election scenarios? I would start on a Russian scenario, but I have NO IDEA how to make scenarios in P4E+P. Until a scenario editor comes out, I'm fairly screwed.

2. Keeping that question in mind, does anyone know if it is possible to have semi-proportional voting in the General Elections? In the primaries, the candidates can win a few delegates and not just all; if this were applied in the General, one could split electoral votes the same way. Two ways this would help would be:

1. Just making the population of that state the same as the EVs, thus creating a popular vote system, or:

2. Just make the EVs proportional in general in order to simulate a popular vote system.


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There IS a way in the files to make the General Election proportional, but on bog standard 2008, it does not work.

OK. Do you know how to do it? Even if it doesn't work in the Official 2008 scenario, I'd use it in a new scenario anyway.

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