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Folks, any of yall read the phenomenal Left Behind series?? Neesa Hart has her End of State spin-off series out that follows the LB Timeline.

Since it won't take much graphic redesigning I figured I'd make a Gerald Fitzhugh vs. ??? Campaign.

Of course the year will be oblivious, I'd like to think it'd be this election. :) Come quickly Lord Jesus!

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ha ha ha :lol::lol::lol:

You got it backwards, no 1000 yr reign of Satan, Jesus reigns for 1000 years. Satan reigns (in the body of antichrist for 3.5 yrs) the antichrist rules for the 1st 3.5 years during the 7 yr. Tribulation.

This will be Pre-Trib USA.

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Misguided sounds good. Naah, can't pass the blanket judgment on all, just observe their fruits. :) I used to be a Ultra Conservative Democrat, then after Clinton, I became a Republican, then when Bush did the Patriot Act, No Child Left Behind and granted Amnesty for Illegal Aliens I had it with the Unconstitutional junk both parties were engaged in so I threw my hat in with the Constitution Party. Although we are not on the ballot here in NC I am Unaffiliated. I finally am home. If they change then I'll be unafilliated for good.

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Hard Right Conservative,

I appreciate the encouragement. But, if those actions are unconstitutional then who is to say enough? If all I have is a "lesser" of 2 unconstitutional people who violate my principles that I cherish then nobody wins.

If Bush is the lesser of the 2 evils, evil is still evil no matter how we slice it. Bush may attempt to do these things to 'guard' America from terrorists, but yet he allows an unadulterated influx of illegals into this nation and says "Its OK if you have a job and etc." But illegal is still illegal.

There's black and white. Right and Wrong. To compromise is to surrender. I do not want to be 1 person of a 'wing' in a corrupted party. I want that wing to BE the party. That's what I have in the Constitution Party.

I didn't vote for President Bush in 2000, I voted for the Constitution Party nominee, Howard Phillips. I prayed, fasted, and sought the Lord's Will in the direction I should vote. I was leaning towards Bush but the Sunday before the election I discovered the Constitution Party candidate and I matched 100% with his views.

Even though my vote was not added to the official totals here in NC, I grew angry when the yahoos down in Florida screamed out "My vote didn't count" those blockheads, it was MY vote that wasn't counted. All because I voted Principle and Faith instead of Party line politics.

I don't seek to put down the President, whoever he is. I am instructed by the Word of God to pray for Him. I will resist him and the government when such policies violate the Word of God.

So, how can I in good Faith support Bush? Or Kerry? Or (Yuck!) Nader? I can't. I have been lead to Peroutka's candidacy for President. I encourage you to get out of the Republican Party before it crashes and stand on your beliefs and don't compromise. (I'm not implying that you are, but take a hard look at how the Republican party is deserting you ever so slowly)

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The Patriot Act is a tool of good in the hands of the right people such as Mr. Ashcroft who is a born-again believer but in the hands of the Dems it could spell an end to free speech and the right to practice our faith.

Your not really serious are you??? I mean to think that Republicans are going to stand up for the seperation of church and state is just a joke. I mean Renquest (the Supreme Court Justice) has said that we don't need a seperation between church and state. And your Mr. Ashcroft has said that America has no king but Jesus.

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How is saying that a nation has no King but Jesus anything but pledging that you're a Christian?

Also, there is no separation of church and state in the Constitution...there is no establishment of a State Religion, but there is no clause stating that the faith of politicians can not be used to create legislature.

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When Hitler rose to power he passed all types of protection acts that in the end spelled the doom of any type of Republican form of govt. for the German volk.

The Republicans would use it more discreetly whilst the Democrats would use it overtly and loudly.

These are the types of powers Antichrist will need when he assumes control of the nations of the world.

Just because one is a born again believer doesn't mean that he has the nation's best interests at heart. Many believers are idiotic babies who don't know anything but John 3:16 and after salvation they go back to their old ways of living and solving problems instead of living the Victorious Christian Life. I'm not passing judgment but as a Pastor, trust me, I see it in congregations and society as a whole. Unless we get down to business with the Gospel and quit worrying about offending people our nation has had it!

I liked Mr. Ashcroft until he started ripping up the Constitution in the name of security. That's why we have the confounded thing anway, to govern our nation.

Like I've said before, when Lincoln disregarded the Constitution and checks and balances he became a tyrant. "Oh that was for the good of the nation, to keep it together" all the Lincolnites drone on.

Then he created a new "state" west(ern) Virginia unconstitutionally.

Then came the social engineering for over 100 years.

All because men overran the Constitution. When and where will it end? With America going down the drain because we were too proud to bow the knee to Christ, repent of our national sins and turn from our wicked ways.

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When I was in 6th grade I told our teacher that NAFTA would spell doom for Rutherford County as the textile industry would move South of the border to Mexico for cheaper wages. Since textiles are (were) the backbone of our county since the 1870s this has b=hurt most families in the county.

I knew it then and supported Perot....until he re-entered the 2nd time. If he'd stay'd in, who knows??

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