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Couple of changes already...going to make Churneshenko into a Green candidate, Turner will be where he's supposed to in Central Ontario, and am going to make the Conservative goal a majority government, since they get the advantages of incumbancy and more money, plus a better start.

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I just bought PM4E can anyone who has this send it to 270gopred@gmail.com

Oh, also, in Vaudreil-Soulanges, Marc Garneau is the candidate for both the CPC and LPC, and it looks like you took the star ratings directly from 2006, so the current incumbents have 2 stars, but the candidates that were defeated in 06 have 3.

In the centre-right issue stance for nationhood, you have "recongition".

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I actually got a 210 seat majority as the Tories (55 over). The simple answer is that Stephane Dion is a moron.

I saw your description! You had some excellent strategies that I will try next time. I was able to clobber Dion in my attempts, but Layton was able to drive up the middle. And I can't hold the support in Quebec - so I have some ideas to try next time.

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You should turn random events on. I made some random events for you if you'd like to use them.


Canadian Troops Accidently Open Fire on Own Convoys

Report: Afghanistan Situation Improving

Air Strikes Kill Hundreds of Civilians


//Business Tax

Report: Small Business Taxes Are Too High

Report: Corporate Influence In Parliament Growing


//Day Care

Parents Petition For National Program Revival

Report: Harper's Day Care Plans Inefficient


//Democratic Reform

Leaked Memo Raises Questions About Government Corruption

Report: Canada's System of Patronage Must Stop

Rally For Proportional Representation Attracts Hundreds



Estimates For Complying With Kyoto Increase

Study: Global Warming Caused By Industry?

Study: "Clean Air Act" Not Nearly Enough For Environment


//First Nations

Natives Protest, Demand A Revived Kelowna Accord

Report: Natives Getting Unfair Benefits


//Gun Control

Study: Gun Registry Did Not Reduce Homicides

Study: Gun Registry Reduced Homicides

Report: Gun Crimes on The Rise


//Health Care

Waits For Certain Surgeries At All-Time Highs

Study: Canadian Health Care Less Expensive Than In U.S.

Study: Private Health Care Much More Efficient



Mayors Say Immigrants Taxing City Resources

Study: Immigration Will Help With Aging Population

Study: Immigrant Contribution To Economy Overestimated


//Middle East

Israel To Significantly Increase Military Size By 2008

Hamas Condemns Canada's Support For Israel

Experts Say Middle East Situation Getting Worse

Israel Begins Military Maneuver At Borders



Generals Say Military Needs More Funding

Report: Canadian Military Becoming Inefficient

Report: Military Unable To Afford Certain Equipment


//National Debt

Study: National Debt To Grow Significantly Larger

Report: Economist Worried About National Debt


//Personal Taxes

Study: Current Taxes Hurting Economy

Citizens Rally For Tax Reform

Study: Harper's Tax Cuts Will Hurt Economy


//Provincial Powers

Study: Federal Government Is Too Large

Premiers Unite, Ask For More Powers


//Quebec "Nationhood"

Quebec Poll: Separatists Close To Majority

Report: Separatist Vandalism on The Rise


//Senate Reform

Report: Majority of Citizens Want Senate Reform

Study: Senate Reform Should Be A Higher Priority


//Trade Policy

Union Workers Demand NAFTA Reform

Report: NAFTA Hurting Canadian Economy

Study: NAFTA In Need of Reform


//U.S. Relations

Premiers Visit With U.S. Congressmen

Poll: Americans Unsure About Canada

Study: US-Canadian Integration Beneficial

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