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1988 (Primaries)

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Why dosen't someone make the 1988 GOP and Democratic Primaries, the issues could be the same ones but modified from the original P4E scenario "1988". Candidates:


* Vice President George H.W. Bush

* Senator Bob Dole

* Reverand Pat Robertson

* Former Secretary of State Alexander Haig

* Former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld

* Congressman Jack Kemp

* Governor Pete DuPont


* Governor Michael Dukakis

* Former Senator Gary Hart

* Former Governor Bruce Babbitt

* Senator Joe Biden

* Congressman Dick Gephardt

* Senator Al Gore

* Reverand Jesse Jackson

* Senator Paul Simon

* Congresswoman Patricia Schroeder


* Abortion

* Equal Access


* Iran Contra

* Business Tax

* Crime

* Deficit

* Ecology

* School Prayer/Religion

* Central America

* Health Care

* Gun Control

* The Middle East


* Personal Tax

* Soviet Threat

* Reforming Congress

* Social Security

There's everything you need to know, I would make this scenario but I have to get my head around the new scenario building system. If anyone can make this good luck.

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I really don't think "School Prayer/Religion" was much of an issue. I'd replace it with NAFTA (Of course, in Canada during 1988, it was a huge issue with NAFTA and all that, I'd say for US, it's importance should be at 2)

Stances for NAFTA would be:

Far-left: The process of globalization must be reversed!

Left: Reject NAFTA and pull out of free trade agreements, introduce tariffs on all of our industries.

Center-left: Reject NAFTA, some of our industries need to be protected, look into modifying or pulling out of certain free trade agreements.

Center: Reject NAFTA in it's present form, approach free trade with caution.

Center-right: NAFTA will be beneficial, look into free trade agreements with other countries.

Right: Push forward with NAFTA, strive to expand free trade.

Far-right: We need agreements like NAFTA with every country! Strive to achieve a globalized economy.

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