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I'd also like a copy, please. chandallah@netscape.net


As mentioned upthread hotmail has a major problem with attachments, I suggest gmail or yahoo (or whatever) instead.

Sorry for the delay everyone, but the Dev Team is still investigating the two problems in the scenario (floating point killer, and the game's assumption that 600 delegates is a majority on the Democratic side).

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OK Beta Testers, I need something from you.

According to our lovely Dev Team:

The causes of floating point errors is when a value in the scenario is set to zero and is then used in a mathematical calculation where you'll get a divide by zero error. Once we track this down, this data checking will be added the Campaigns forever to eliminate these causes in the future. What would be incredibly helpful on your end is if we can get a save game that reproduces this error. Unfortunately the only way to really do that is to save the game every turn until it crashes. Also, a screenshot of the error would be good.


I need some save games, please :).

(Delegate tracking is being addressed otherwise)

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My email is now: electric.monk.ts@gmail.com as I've decided not to renew my .mac account.

Hence future emails will come from there.

In other news… WHERE ARE MY SAVE GAMES?!? Cough. You are beta testers, after all, and your job (which is very appreciated) is to find the bugs and give me enough information so that the bugs can be stomped into dust!

Anyway. Hope everybody is still liking the scenario.

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