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1968 (with Primaries)


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This is what I got:


  • Robert F. Kennedy
  • Hubert Humphrey
  • Eugene McCarthy


  • Richard M. Nixon
  • Ronald Reagan
  • Nelson Rockefeller
  • George Romney


  • George C. Wallace

The one question that I have is what to do about Lyndon B. Johnson. He ran in the New Hampshire primaries, won by a slim margain, and then promptly dropped out.

I'll get a list of issues up there later.

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  • 7 months later...

Alright I think what we need to do now is assign tasks. Warner 12' want to make candidates? I'll create the political landscape for the general election, by putting in party strength and electoral votes. If I have enough time I'll adjust populations. I certainly think LBJ should be an option.

I suppose we have to wait now until the official scneario creator is released. Hopefully, soon before we lose interest. I'll prosoe this week what I think strength should be on a state by state basis. Maybe look for a source that has state populations too.

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If it's ok with everybody tomorrow I'll do:

Scenario set-up

Map with eligible voters *1.3 for total population (rough estimate), and EV


Regions with governor

Regions with majority

Date of primary (but no delegate count because we don't know that yet)

Random other little things.

Yeah LBJ should be a candidate, but off by default.


Then I'll email it to you? mokobubble2? You can use the existing 2008 candidates as placeholders to set up electoral strength? Then if Warner '12 is still in he can do the candidates.

Or do you want to go first?

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Congressional Quarterly publishes a book with all the delegate counts for each election year. I wish I could remember the title. I want to say it's the Presidential Almanac or something similar.

I think LBJ should be turned on by default but all his attributes (charisma, leadership, etc) should be at the lowest possible levels, he has 1 CP and no PIPs.

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Aulmanac of American Politcs I bet would have it.

Our library has has both the Aulmanac and Congressional Quarterly but it is reference, and I cant check them out.

Could you take a visit on the weekend and scribble 1968 and 1976 (or type them up, if you have a laptop) at least? My 1976 scenario is kinda stalled, because of that :)

I'm unsure how accurate TIME is, after all they're in the middle of it rather then being able to step back so having CQ's numbers would be helpful.

Also the TIME (and it's Republican counterpart) article is useful, but it doesn't resolve the what form of delegate selection, winner take all or proportional.

Oh. And if you didn't get my email I'm somewhat delayed—with no error messages the darn thing is stuck on Step 5. I emailed it to the Dev Team.

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About LBJ, give the player extra "political capital" so they can co-opt through deals.

Or give him super negative momentum just after he would have won that first primary. I think you can do it by giving him an issue position nobody else (any other candidate of any party) has. Do it on a minor issue that wouldn't effect the election, or one that is unimportant for the primaries... that way you can give him a position he didn't actual have if the other candidates hog the other issue centers.

Or better yet, you can a scandal which only occurs if he's running.

I agree that LBJ should not be able to win... He didn't want to go for another term, and the establishment wanted a different man.

What have you got as third parties (ignoring Wallace)?

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Oh LBJ wanted to run. He wanted it so much that he entertained a fantasy about a deadlocked convention turning to him. He just couldn't win because of Viet Nam.

At the moment we're sticking with Wallace as the only third party. Nobody else got votes worth mentioning and the game engine over represents 3rd parties. That is if the Dev Team gets back to me on the stupid bug that won't let me go past Step 5 with no errors showing.

As for LBJ I figure making him off by default is the way to go. As I've set most of the country towards the centre on Viet Nam (and the issue is high/high in importance) setting him to a far-right position is going to rather unpopular if you decide to play as him.

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Just to let everyone know, these candidates with their primary percentages have been added

LBJ (off by default), Humphrey, McCarthy, Kennedy, McGovern (off by default), Lester Maddox

on the Republicans,

Nixon, Romney (off by default), Rockefeller, Reagan

I'm pretty confident we will finish this scenario. The endorsers will probably take forever unfortunately.

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Any help wpuld be great. You can take over the scneario for a few days if you wnat as well. Electronic and I have been sending it back and forth. Right now my campaigns forever activation isnt working, so Im hoping to hear from 80soft.

As for Romney, he dropped out of the race before New Hampshire, and Rockefeller took over his movement. By default, most people will want to play and election that has RFK and HHH in the race, so at that point Romney was out, and Rockefeller in. Of course by including every candidate, you can chose to have the race at any stage in the campaign.

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Game starts on March 16th when RFK enters the race.

No debates (as is historical) except for a single Democratic one just before the California primary (I don't think there's any way to make it just McCarthy and RFK), fund-raising/money needs to be tested out (I tripled the fund-raising coefficient, to represent no fund-raising regulations—we'll need to see what ad time costs by state and try and jiggle the money coefficient)..

Issues are done.

Issues by region are set.

Eligible voters, population (1970 census), electoral vote are all set. PAC advertising is on, but represents the national committees rather then PACs as they weren't around then.

Added house rule for Network Television Ad requiring it to be run nationally (Network Television is expensive and requires a 7 day advance booking, and 1 day cancelation notice). Local Television Ad is the old television ad.

American Independent Party added.

Candidates added including electoral strength and pictures.

What Needs to Be Done:

-Party strength in the general election.

-Party image for American Independent Party

-Candidate pictures for favourite son candidates

-Delegate count for the Republicans and Democrats.

-Delegate rules for Republicans and Democrats.

-Primary dates

-Newspaper endorsers.

-More candidate crusaders


-Congressional Leadership endorsers (to represent party bosses—all are decided Nixon or Humphrey).

-Majorities and governors by region

-Events: Martin Luther King (bonus to RFK). Halloween Surprise Bombing Halt (bonus to Democratic nominee). low chance of RFK getting killed.


Let me know what anybody wants to work on so we can map this out half-decently and I'll email the current copy of the scenario to you.

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Good news, nobody. We've hit revision 0.3 of the scenario and with it alpha status. What that means is that the scenario is now playable, but neither feature complete nor play tested.

I hope to hit beta status with revision 0.5 or 0.6 within a week or so—depending on Forgotten Moderate as I've just emailed him the scenario to work on and myself giving it a once-over afterwards—and with that we'll let it out into the selected world, I suppose.

So then. I'm soliciting beta testers. Send me an email at electric.monk.ts@gmail.com subject line 1968 beta and I'll start sending it out. Remember that beta testing is a privilege and a responsibility, not a right. If you want to be a beta tester I expect feedback on how the game is working, no feedback means no new revisions for you until we hit general release.

Current status update:


-All primaries are set to Open Primaries / FPP (except Dem. NH is PR because it's already over, this simulates importance of primaries somewhat despite actual rules)

-All non-primaries are set to Caucus / PR (simulates picking off delegates)

-Republican fund-raising is at 1.5, Democratic at 1.2, American Independent at 1 (high, but Wallace was good with direct mail).

-American Independent Primaries are arbitrary, because of this there is a house rule: do not play the party in the primaries as it will unduly effect game balance.

-As was customary back then Democratic Party is RED, Republican Party is BLUE, and American Independent is BROWN.

-Wallace has been left out of the Democratic primaries.

-VP offers are turned off.

Newly Done:

-Delegate count for the Republicans and Democrats.

-Delegate rules for Republicans and Democrats.

-Primary dates

-Majorities and governors by region

-Favourite son candidates—their colour is standardized as pink to simulate Humphrey (or Nixon, plus a couple of colour exceptions) support. They have 100% & 100% committed (in non-primary states and Illinois, in primary states it is 40%, 30/40/30—testing required to see how this works) of their home state, but since they are very weak candidates can have delegates chipped away from them.

What Still Needs to Be Done:

-Party strength in the general election

-Party image for American Independent Party

-John Lindsay needs, roughly, Romney and/or Rockefeller's percentages as a candidate.

-Candidate pictures for favourite son candidates and John Lindsay

-More Favourite Sons if they exist

-Newspaper endorsers.

-More candidate crusaders

-Governor Endorsers

-Congressional Leadership endorsers (to represent party bosses—all are decided Nixon or Humphrey).

-Events: Martin Luther King (bonus to RFK). Halloween Surprise Bombing Halt (bonus to Democratic nominee). low chance of RFK getting killed.


Electronic and I have been sending it back and forth.

Electric. Electric Monk, man :). It's from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. A planet believes that everything requires something believing in it to work (i.e. spaceships don't crash only because Bob believes they won't crash), so they invent a robot—the Electric Monk—to believe in stuff for them.

Sadly an Electric Monk that is actually me doesn't appear until page 5 of Google results. Stupid interweb thingy making unique names close to impossible.

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