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I am also revamping my 2008 scenario

Jesse Ventura has a very strong candidacy in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa, North Dakota and South Dakota

Roy Moore is strong in Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Arkansas, Louisiana, Missouri, South Carolina, and Tennessee

I did a space bar run through with clinton and hagel in the mix and it was a tie 269-269

Even though ventura and moore didn't get any electoral votes, they definitely could get up to about 55 each

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i redid some numbers so that ventura and moore have more power. I was clinton and was sure to lose with one week left because i want gonna get to 270 and ventura was sapping votes in a few places. Then i realized i hadnt spent my money and i had 47 million for the last week and a 6.0 ad i hadnt used. I ended up winning 326 EVs, ventura had alaska and moore only got 15. I only got 43%

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