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Winning as Powell?

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Has anyone ever managed to win as Colin Powell in the GOP primaries?

I think it's the money... Bush just dumps giant amounts of negative ads on me until I can't do anything. My lousy $10 is no match for his $70. Which is kind of realistic, really. So I'm not complaining... I like a challenge.

Has anyone else managed to win? This is on medium or hard setting.

I can take Iowa and New Hampshire sometimes. Sometimes even fight him to a 60-40 overall delegate loss if I kind of cheat and max out all my ads and put myself into -$17 million the week before Super Tuesday. The problem is, of course, I can't campaign after the huge boost. So he wins almost everything at the very end of the season.

Also, and this might be a bug... when I've played as Bush against Powell twice now, Powell doesn't spend any of his $10 million. He's got like $9,500,000 in the bank on the day of the New Jersey primary. :unsure:

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I've won playing as Powell but only on the easy level. Later...went on to beat Edwards in every state in the general election. Not realistic...but I was so happy to beat Bush in the primaries that it didn't matter to me! Hahaha!

I didn't use my money for ads until AFTER losing Iowa/NH. I let those go and focused on getting all the endorsements and raising my profile. Then, I selectively chose which states to target and managed to slowly change the board from red to orange. Medium or hard difficulty...haven't tried that with Powell...not sure he's meant to win at those levels!

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Yeah I've won as Colin Powell a couple of times, I got Bush to drop out of the race too :lol: Then I went an defeated Howard Dean by a lanslide, I recieved 64% to Dean's 36%. I played as Powell on hard.

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I tried running largely positive newspaper ads nationally, but that didn't seem to get me much traction.

With the harder settings it seems much more difficult to improve campaign organization and get those extra CP. I develop and develop the campaign and the bar barely moves.

The other problem I seem to run into is that Powell can either beat the holy hell out of NH and Iowa and win them, but not be able to follow it up everywhere else. Or I can run a more national campaign and lay groundwork in California, Wisconsin, Arizona, etc... but if I get killed in Iowa and NH, the momentum boost Bush gets puts him over the top in the 3rd week and then that momentum just murders me everywhere else. I might finish 35 or 40% instead of 12%... but in a winner-take-all game, that doesn't help me much.

Just wondering what other kinds of strategies you guys might be using.... aside from turning Bush off. :P

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After several frustrating tries, I actually was able to win with Powell and take the general election as well on Medium.

Well, I had to get all the national endorsements that I could so I worked furiously hard on that. Once that was doneI started a massive footsoldier building in the states that come up early in the primaries (January and February mostly) with special concentration on the ones that came first. This gave me the momentum in other states to start taking down Bush. I also got my How Well Established level up really quickly so I could put more footsoldiers out per turn.

Positive campaign throughout the primaries with minimal advertising until right before the primaries occurred.

When I won, I took Condi as my vice.

I was up against a Kucinich/Edwards ticket in the national election, which definately helped me win. I won with 538 (all of) the electoral votes and 68% of the popular vote.

Long story short, I haven't been able to do that well again, though I have got Powell through the primaries several more times.

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No but I was playing Clark and got Powell to accept the VP job. It was weird and cool because Bush also picked Powell, so for some reason, the computer controlled him. So he was campaigning for me but not using any of my resources. It was pretty sweet. BTW, I womped Bush by 20 points.

But since then, I haven't been able to get the nomination before he drops out. Maybe I'll try it again running solo for the nom. I'll get back to you if it works.

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Awesome. So I just won as Vilsack on Medium.

Don't know how to save screen shots, so I can't show you guys how awesome it was.

It took me 4 unsuccessful attempts to get the nomination finally. I gave up on the early victories and concentrated on the later middle states. I didn't actually win any until North Carolina. What I did was, rather than run ads or anything, I just worked on getting my campaign developed. I footsoldiers in the states that I was aiming for and just kept getting my campaign developed until it was up to three. Right before I got it up to three, though, Biden withdrew from the race and in all the states where I had foot soldiers I gained a lot of his points. Edwards did the same thing and then Bayh all within three or so turns. So I gained all those votes. Then I started working on endorsements to get momentum going and I gained even more support. Eventually I had enough support that I was ranked higher than Kerry in the poles and I gave him 8 PIPs for endorsement, which gave me all of his states and put me in the lead in most of the ones that were left.

So then Clark withdrew from the race and it was Clinton, Gore and I who were tied at around 20% and Obama who had about 14%. I gave 4 PIPs to Obama for his endorsement which put me over Clinton and Gore. Then I won a bunch of states in a row and got California which left me less than 40 votes short of the nomination. On a lark I used the three PIPs I had left, got Gore to withdraw on a 13% chance or something like that and gave Clinton the nomination as my Veep.

For the national election, I was up against Newt Gingrich and he picked Hagel as his Veep. The vote was split pretty evenly for most of the campaign, but at the end I got a lot of powerful scandals (almost one every 3rd turn) and used those and negative ads to get rid of most of his support. Then I put out positive ads until I was cut off and just released my last two scandals.

In the end I won with Vilsack earning 61% of the popular vote and 480 electoral votes.

Long story short...it was beautiful and I probably will never do it again.

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