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All Hell Breaks Loose - 2008

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Scenario in the very, very early stages. Basic concept - not 2, not 3, not 4, but 8 viable tickets due to name recognition and vote splitting.

Democratic: Whoever/Whoever

Republican: Whoever/Whoever

Independent: Michael Bloomberg/Joe Lieberman (Moderate, reform type)

Constitution: Tom Tancredo/Jim Gilchrist (Illegal Immigration focused)

Independent/Pacifism: Cindy Shehan/Cynthia McKinney

Populism: Lou Dobbs/Byron Dorgan

Green: Matt Gonzalez/Undetermined (anti-CP, pro-immigrant/Hispanic)

Libertarian: Donald Trump/Howard Stern

Thoughts, questions, suggestions, rejections?

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Alright, how do people like this: Shehan runs on the "Peace and Freedom" ticket (the California party taken to a larger level or something, we can work on plot later), and then should Bloomberg's label be "Independent" or "Unity08"? I'm favoring "Unity08".

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