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Canadian Plans for President + Primaries Forever

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I know there are Canadians who use the newest game. I was just wondering if anyone is working on doing the Liberal race tied with a 2007 or 2008 federal election?

I'm not an expert on overhauling the scenarios but it'd be neat to have a model for a Canadian scenario and then we could start working on previous or future scenarios with primaries errrr leadership races from there.

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Would a Canadian version really work? There's no electoral votes in Canada.

yah you're right. I guess I was thinking a leadership race would but I didn't think about the general election. Hmmm more challenging than I thought.

I can't wait for the Liberal Leadership scenario for the PM game! Let me know when you have it completed or any further details. I'll need something to play on my laptop on the commute to Montreal for the convention.

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