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How to change locations!

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After you click on your flag, go to the map and click on a state. Then, looking at your possible activities for the week, select "barnstorm." It will register as you travelling to barnstorm in that state. Also, you will not be stuck in that state for the entire week. If you want to go somewhere else, you can merely click on another state, and then click "barnstorm" again for a different day. "Barnstorming" is the only way to movie to a different state though (at least in version 1.00.3; haven't played 1.00.5 yet, though I just downloaded it). You can't barnstorm in Virginia, then click on Louisiana and select "fundraiser" and move to Louisiana to fundraise.

Hope this helped!

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Just to add to the responses, from the FAQ:

Click the Activities button on the main screen (it has a flag on it). Then click on a state. Then click the barnstorm button on the Activities panel. Currently, the other activities aren't affected by your location, so you don't need to move when you do those activities.

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We will probably add moving into each activity, so your candidate can move regardless of whether they are barnstorming.

The 80soft Team

Is there any reason why the option of fundraising or doing issue knowledge in different states isn't an option anymore unless you barnstorm there first? I like being able to move around without neccesarily barnstorming.
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