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Invalid Floating Point

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Well, let me start by saying that I think my floating point is actually valid. This can't trash all over my floating opinions. <_<

Secondly, anyone know how to fix this? The problem comes when a candidate drops out. In my scenario, I've reduced the number of candidates from 6 to 5, and 6 to 4 for the Dems and Reps respectively. All names match, everything is hunky dory until a candidate goes to drop out (quitters).

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Hi Go Ralph,

A few questions will help us in fixing this bug:

1. What version are you playing?

2. Do you have a save game you can load an re-create this consistently?

3. Was the game started in the same version as the one you are currently playing?

4. If you are playing v. 1.00.5, and the answers to 2. and 3. above are yes, could you send us the save game file (zipped)?


Anthony Burgoyne


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