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Major Update to 2008 election

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Yea depending on how close he or she is to 2nd places. and yes I know about save bug you guys are getting 80soft and I are going to look and see if we can pin point 2 problems am having.

1: the save bug in game

2: Kucinich wining Iowa SC and NV when I place him at 1% in those given states.

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There going to be some MAJOR CHANGES in 2008 V5! I have Been pretty much working on V5 Non-Stop these past Few days to make it really good. Trying different things and so on. It will be my x-mas Present to you guys. So the Day or two before X-mas Check you e-mails! Also Am going to need One Republicans, One Democrats, and One Ind to put the Scenario though Some heavy Duty Testing over and over for about 1 day or so.

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Save Bug Fixed

National Rifle Association Endorse fixed so it not likely to go to a democrat.

Ted Kennedy fixed to "left" and not "far-left

Steny Hoyer's endorsement fixed so it more likely to go to a democrat.

Pelosi's endorsement fixed so it more likely to go to a democrat.

Claire McCaskill fixed so she prefers Democrats.

Hawaii's Democratic Senators fixed to left.

Maine Senators fixed to center.

New pic for Vilsack

Bayh Set to turn off

L on "Liberman" fixed

Dennis Kucinich added as a candidate

Fixed Iowa % for Clinton, Edwards, Vilsack.

Fixed CA and TX General Election %

New Ad types: Direct mailing & Phone Banking.

Fundrasing, Speeches, now has to have location.

Fixed President Bushes endorsement so it goes Republican.

New pirmaries area Added Democrats abroad, Guam, American Samoa, Puerto Rico, Virgin Island, Northern Mariana Island. (Note there a lock Symbol on Northern Mariana Island cause the Dems don't hold a pirmary there. and the Same on democrats Abroad for the Republicans.)

New Delegates numbers (Note: The new delegates # reflect the super/Bonus/unpledge Delegates

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