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Major Update to 2008 election

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V4 is great but you should add the folowing for V5:

candidates: Richardson (D), Gravel (D), Thompson ® and possibly Tom Tanceredo ® (his default images is in the canditate files.

you should also create endorsers for Mayor of Major Cities in key states

but othere than those othere candidates ou should be good, with the inclusion of the new primary map

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CLARK/BAYH2008 your 2008 V4 scenario is really good, it keeps on getting better everytime. But here's some suggestions for candidates


Congressman Mike Pence ®

Congressman Tom Tancredo ®

Senator Christopher Dodd (D)

Senator Olympia Snowe ®

Former Governor Jeb Bush ®

Reverand Al Sharpton (D)

Former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore ®

John Cox and Michael Smith ®

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice ®

Governor Mark Sanford ®

Senator John Sununu ®

Former Governor of Oklahoma Frank Keating ®

Senator Russ Feingold (D)

Former Senator Tom Dashcle (D)

those are only suggestions.

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A few nitpicks on endorsers:

In Missouri, Claire McCaskill, a Democrat, starts off prefering Republican.

In Hawaii, both of the Democratic senators are "Right".

In Maine, I think both of the Senators should be set at "Centrist", they are the two most left-wing senators in the Republican caucus.

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