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Major Update to 2008 election

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1) I think you have Obama and Huckabee underrated on a number of stats (specifically charisma). And there's no way that Bayh gets a 4 for charisma. The guy is a total stiff.

I completely agree with this. Obama should at least get a 2 for experience. He's new to the Senate but not to politics in general and the charisma ratings on both Huckabee and Obama should be a little higher.

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First of all, great job!

I just had a lot of fun playing through the primaries with Obama. A number of the things I was going to say have already been said, but I'll say 'em anyway.

1) I like what you did with the lower undecideds. I actually had some trouble winning the primaries and couldn't just walk into Iowa and pick up 20% support in the first week of the game. Keep the undecideds and hard/soft support like it is!

2) Obama's experience should be 2, not 1. Just about every turn, I was getting a scandal on Obama/experience. While experience would be a weakness for Obama, as it was for Edwards in 2004, it's not that much of a black hole.

3) I agree with Mrdie on Gore's issue positions. I also like his new descriptions for Iran and Terrorism for far left.

4) I really like the NRLC and ACLU endorsements. They should even out for the Republican and the Democrat, but they have the potential to simulate discontent with a nominee who doesn't toe the party line on abortion. For instance, if Rudy Giuliani is the Republican nominee, in real life he would have trouble motivating single issue pro-life voters. If you play with third party's, that can really make things interesting. Peroutka getting the NRLC endorsement would do a good job simulating that discontent.

I think there is some potential to expand this interest group endorsement system to a couple of other issues:

Here are some ideas for groups that could be added, and still maintain Left/Right balance.

Education: National Education Association - Far Left

Personal Tax: American's for Tax Reform - Far Right

Iraq: The Anti-War Movement (I can't think of a main official interest group for this?) - Far Left

Immigration: Minuteman Project - Far Right

Social Security (or could be outsourcing): Club for Growth - Far Right

Same-Sex Marriage: Human Rights Campaign - Far Left

5) As Obama, I was endorsed by Bill Clinton. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton was endorsed by Jimmy Carter. The endorsements by people are weird. I also agree that 51 foot soldiers might be a bit too powerful for personal endorsements.

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Also, could the business tax issue be changed? Either Stem Cell Research or Religion/Faith would be an improvement, I think.

Stem Cell Research

Far Left: Move on to Human Cloning!

Left: Eliminate Restrictions on Stem Cell Research and significantly increase funding.

Center-Left: Eliminate Restrictions on Stem Cell Research.

Center: Stem Cell Research raises ethical concerns, but the benefits are too great to pass up.

Center-Right: Stem Cell Research Raises moral concerns so it should not be publicly funded, but private research is OK.

Right: Stem Cell research takes human life and is immoral.

Far Right: Stem Cell research is murder and private stem cell research should be banned.


Far Left: Anti-Religious!

Left: Secular/Religion and politics don't mix/Religion is a private matter.

Center-Left: Religious Left/Minority Religion/We should be wary of mixing religion and politics too much.

Center: Mainline Protestant/Catholic/Religion is partly public and partly private.

Center-Right: Faith is Public/Faith and Politics mix pretty well most of the time.

Right: Religious Right/Faith is a public matter.

Far Right: The Rapture is coming!

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can anybody tell me where most the candidate stand Stem cell

Anyone know where to find this so we can help out? I tried looking around for a few but I can't find an organization that gives rankings for this subject so its hard to find an accurate indictor of where all the candidates stand. Anyone able to help?

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I found one site that has some info on HR 810 - An Act To amend the Public Health Service Act to provide for human embryonic stem cell research. You can see how each Senator and Congressmen voted on it. Doesn't give them a score or anything, but I think right now politicians are either for or against this issue, doesn't seem to be much of a gray area in stances yet.


For Governers, Mayors and others, I think thier websites probably tell where they stand.

Hope this helps.

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