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Major Update to 2008 election

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Just wanted to add that fund-raising is really easy in the new version, but computer players don't take advantage of it.

I decided to try that direct mail strategy and within a couple months I had roughly 228 national ad points running constantly throughout the primaries (I was Clark) and had to actually buy TV ads to burn off my money which peaked at around a hundred million—I was making over a million a day which is way too high.

At one point I was running 60 million dollars of TV ads a week, 3 national ad buys. Which is insane.

If I held a fund-raiser I brought in upwards of 10 million dollars.

Assuming the other computer players were making that much money none of them used it, as their ad buy never topped 20 or 30.

By the middle of the primaries I had gone from Super Tuesday targeted ads to national ads, and buried the other candidates under massive amounts of direct mail. I had over 3500 delegates before I convinced Obama to accept VP and Clinton to drop out.

So, um, fund-raising is a little overpowered. Of course it was under-powered previously, so it's a balance I admit.

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A couple problems:

The electorate seems kinda volatile. I've been seeing (in the general) 7 point swings for no reason I can see, and/or defying sense: 7 point swings against me when I have 5 foot soldiers (vs. none) and +10 to +20 momentum against -5 to +5 momentum. Ad buys were 12 to 4 or less in my favour. This usually (but always) has me barnstorming a couple times that week and still getting these swings. Do people just hate some candidates and being visited by them counteract everything else? Because that seems to be my experience in v11.

Essentially under every condition I could see I should be getting the votes but I don't.

That aside (and the computer player's inability to match foot soldier roll-out in favour of using CPs to spin news—which is a game problem and not your scenario problem) the general seems much tougher then before. The primary is super-easy for anybody using the direct mail strategy, but of three games in the general I didn't know who was going to win going into 2, and I didn't win in one of those until all states had at least some polls upon. So congrats on a better general.

Oh, and issues all seem to go purple. Maybe 5-8 issues aren't purple by the end of it all. I also feel speeches get replenished via events too often, but I don't do a lot of speeches so opinions may vary.

That's it for the moment.

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Fundraising and advertising almost not even elements. I made enough through background fundraising to cover expenses, and it's the first time I've used "Add to All" for ads - maybe not a good thing.

Other candidates don't seem to play catchup once you start influencing endorsers.

May be a game limitation, but should it be possible to have someone as both an Endorser and a Crusader? (e.g. Dick Durbin for Obama). Seems silly that someone might campaign for one candidate yet endorse another. Same goes for Endorsers who were possible candidates i.e. Bayh is not available as endorser, even if I didn't pick him as a candidate in my game. I realise these may be unavoidable.

I think this has been mentioned, but N.O.W. should be far left, not far right.

Good stuff, looking forward to the next one. Thanks C/B!

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One more thing - it had always bothered me that race/ethnicity is not a factor in the game e.g. Richardson might do better than expected in Texas and California due to a strong showing among Hispanics.

Maybe Endorsers like the NAACP, with footsoldiers in appropriate states?

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There's a couple things:

Bloomberg would likely not help out Guilani as his Crusader. Not fans, one might say.

In the player lists I think Al Gore, Newt Gingrich, and (when you add him) Thompson should stay in their current slot (4th for all, and with both Newt and Thompson Romney should probably be bumped to 5th given polling data) but by default set to off as they haven't actually declared.

The latest update from TheorySpark seems to have removed some of whatever made Direct Mail such a killer, but the scenario also feels a little odd now. I haven't put my finger on it yet (anyone else?) but perhaps it needs some tweaking to accommodate the update.

Issues still go purple fast and stay there though, as I've mentioned.

The latest poll data has slipped Clinton and Guilani, and Romney is going nowhere fast if New (9%)t/Thompson (13%) are included in polls. Amusingly Romney edges up from 8% to 9% without those two. That's national data only of course, early state data is somewhat different.

There's been another round of primary shifting and rumblings, you may want to update that.

I suspect that Mark Warner, if he had ran, would likely have had the equivalent of 14 or 21 CPs (he has 7 in-game). He was pretty much Clinton in pants—a DLC type centrist—and I imagine he could have had a pretty good organization, especially because some of the operatives who propelled him to the Governorship were experts at getting out Democratic votes in rural areas.

In the face of a major onslaught by the frontrunner (Guilani vs. everybody) opponents bunker down either in states they control or in swing states. They don't choose to fight back in state I control. This may be a general game issue, but I've seen it most often in your scenario.

I lost Arnold. As Guilani one of the Crusaders is Arnold, and he seems to have gone away at some point.

Nevertheless, great work. Thursday did kinda drift on by though :)

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First off your scenario has a reoccurring problem with public funding. Invariably one candidate in the general gets public funding and the other keeps funds on hand and can continue raising money.

There appears to be neither rhyme nor reason but this is a problem. However, if both refused public funding that would be great :)

Now, polls:

Harris Interactive online survey of 2,523 adults (conducted 5/3 through 5/10) finds that among likely Republican primary voters, former Mayor Rudy Giuliani (at 38%) leads Sen. John McCain and former Sen. Fred Thompson (both at 18%) in a national primary; former Speaker Newt Gingrich trails at 9%, former Gov. Mitt Romney at 8%.

SurveyUSA automated survey of 512 registered voters in Ohio (conducted 5/11 through 5/13 for WCPO-TV and WYTV-TV) finds Sen. Hillary Clinton running even with former Mayor Rudy Giuliani (at 46%), edging out Sen. John McCain (49% to 44%), and leading former Gov. Mitt Romney (53% to 38%) in statewide general election match-ups.

Rasmussen has a new national poll on the Republican presidential race up today:

Among 624 likely Republican primary voters, former Mayor Rudy Giuliani (at 25%) leads Sen. John McCain (18%), former Sen. Fred Thompson (15%), and former Gov. Mitt Romney (12%) in a national primary (conducted 5/7 through 5/10).

Among 789 likely Democratic primary voters, Sen. Hillary Clinton runs at 35%, Sen. Barack Obama at 33%, and former Sen. John Edwards at 14% in a national primary (conducted 5/7 through 5/10).

In the RCP Average for the GOP nomination Giuliani holds a 7.5 point lead.

Clinton has a 12.6 point lead in the RCP Average for the Democratic party nomination.

Among 800 likely voters, Obama edges out McCain (46% to 42%) and runs within the margin of sampling error of Giuliani (44% to 45% respectively) in national general election match-ups (conducted 5/2 through 5/3).

In South Carolina, a new InsiderAdvantage/Majority Opinion poll finds Sen. Barack Obama leading with 31% among Democratic primary voters, with Sen. Hillary Clinton at 27% and John Edwards at 16%.

On the GOP side, Rudy Giuliani leads with 22%, followed by Newt Gingrich at 15%, Mitt Romney at 10%, Sen. John McCain at 9%, and Fred Thompson at 8%.

A new WIS-TV/Communities for Quality Education statewide survey of 500 likely Republican primary voters in South Carolina (conducted 5/5 through 5/8 by Ayres, McHenry & Associates ® ) finds Sen. John McCain edges out former Mayor Rudy Giuliani (25% to 20%) in a statewide primary.

The latest poll numbers out of Florida:


Clinton 42

Obama 19

Edwards 12

Undecided 17

The new RCP Average of the Democratic nomination battle in Florida shows Clinton leading by 24.7%.


Giuliani 29

McCain 15

Romney 14

F. Thompson 9

Gingrich 8

Undecided 17

Overall, Giuliani is leading by 16.7% in the RCP Average for Florida.

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Double click on it and it should unzip a folder (since you're likely on Windows you should have Winzip which will automatically recognize the file. If not google WinRar and download that application, install it, and then double click on the zipped file).

The folder is named 2008 v11.

Move this folder to C:Program Files:President Forever 2008+Primaries:Scenarios if you placed the game in the default location. Next time you open the game click the scenario button and it should be there under 2008 v11.

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