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Major Update to 2008 election

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Ok am Done with am sending the e-mail out now any feedback would be a great help in next Verison of Scenario. I spent most the day on the finshing touch so I hope you enjoy! I will also be adding more VP in the next week or so. So just give me a little bit. Let me know if you have any trouble with it and I will try to fix it.


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Sorry it took so long to get some the e-mails out but I want to fins up some stuff on the Scenario

Details of 2008 V1.2

The extra Alabama governor Deleted.

New Republican VP Candidates:Jim Webb*, Rick Santorum, Olympia Snowe, Tommy Thompson, Sam Brownback, and Colin Powell ( More to come in V 1.3 in a week or so) ( *note Jim Webb is both a VP candidate for both Party cause he was a life long Republican before the Iraq war.)

New Democratic VP Candidate: Tom Vilsack, Barack Obama, Tom Daschle, Harold Ford Jr, Joe Lieberman, Jim Webb, Christopher Dodd, and Bill Nelson

To Come in V1.3 New Endorser: USA today, Senator for Each State During the pirmaries

More VPs

I found this article and I thought I would put him in there as IND but have him turn to off just for the fun of it. give me your feed back on this or more VP

Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of New York City; a moderate Republican who enjoys high popularity ratings in traditionally Democratic-leaning New York state and New York City, the billionaire businessman and founder of Bloomberg L.P. is a supporter of gay rights, is pro-choice and for gun control. It has been heavily rumoured that Bloomberg is considering an independent run for the presidency in 2008, but some believe that he might try to seek the nomination of the Republican Party, or even the Democratic Party due to his socially liberal positions (he was a registered Democrat before running for Mayor).

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By the way, in the next version, you should change these stances to the following if you haven't already:

Social Security

Center-left: Keep social security as it is, no reforms are needed for the time being.

Center: Social security needs reform, but not necessarily private accounts.


Far-left: Iran is not a threat to world peace, they deserve to have nuclear energy for peaceful purposes.


Far-left: Imperialist aggression and exploitation is the main cause of terrorism in the world.

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