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Major Update to 2008 election

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I tought this was funny Brown is just 1 delegates from winning the nom and so the other two candidates think they have shot at it.

Brownback 1,156 and pataki 690 romney has 666 LOL

you need 1,157 to win

and at the same time am trying to offer one of them VP and none them will accept it or drop out.

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It was probably the most accurate election I've played to date - none of the state's went off into crazy land, California was smooth sailing for the Democrat, Ohio/Pennsylvania/Missouri decided the election. Very good.

For the record, Edwards won Iowa but then Biden came back to win Nevada and South Carolina. Starting the next week though, besides Clark's victories in Arkansas and Missouri, Clinton just slaughtered. On the Republican side, it was very close through most of the season, but then towards the end Brownback, Pataki and McCain emerged as the frontrunners and we were headed to a convention showdown. Brownback ended up dropping out and endorsing Pataki before the convention, but didn't win the VP nod. Sucka

Then in the general, Clinton/Vilsack defeated Pataki/Santorum 304-234 (Popular vote was 50.3%-48.8%).

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My next update in V6 will be to add more more parties and 3rd party candidates

Constitution Party

James Gilchrist of California

Green Party

Nan Garrett of Georgia

Kat Swift of Texas

Libertarian Party

Steve Kubby of California

George Phillies of Massachusetts

Christine Smith of Colorado

Doug Stanhope of Arizona

Lance Brown of California

Robert Milnes of New Jersey

Prohibition Party

Gene Amondson of Washington


Steve Adams of Kentucky

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York

Bob W. Hargis of Oklahoma

Daniel Imperato of Florida

David A. Koch of Utah and Ken Goldstein of California

Charles T. Maxham of New Jersey

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