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Post .5 update observations/suggestions

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Tonight was first time I've played since the .2 update.

I went into it not liking the idea of expiring foot soldiers. I've got to admit though, I like the expiring idea MUCH better. It makes the game much more fluid. The period between the primaries and the general election is much better too, good job on smoothing it out.

The other primary candidates get out earlier, and that feels more accurate.

You've done a lot of great things from .2 to .5.

Here are my suggestions:

1. In the general election, when browsing the states I've put into my strategy, contemplating ad buys, I really miss the way the old PE was arranged. Instead of alphabetical order, it should be in order of %, worst at the top and best at the bottom.

Another thing from that game that's missing is the "add fair states" button for making ad buys.

2. It finally dawned on me today that the election night clock is set on pacific time. I'm on the east coast. Can you tie it the time on a player's local system clock?

3. Should there be a momentum bump going into and/or coming out of the convention? Maybe there is and I haven't noticed it, but seems reasonable to be one.

Thanks again for a great game!

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Long time lurker, first time poster here --

First off, GREAT game. President Forever is the BEST political simulator out there by leaps and bounds.

I have one annoyence I'd like to get off my chest though.

Maybe we could have a hot key for the foot soilders? I'm very tired of click-click-clicking every turn. Maybe simply highlight the state and press the "f" key? I know this sounds stupid, but it really is pretty annoying for me.

Thanks for listening and thanks for a GREAT game!

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I also want to make a few suggestions to Mr. Burgoyne and the 80soft team:

1. The importance of the campaign issues should be more fluid. At the moment it's not uncommon to go through the whole campaign without a single issue increasing or decreasing in importance.

2. Where did news items go? Random events that affect the campaigns? Please bring those back!

3. Making speeches is now almost pointless. I would either delete this option or make them more meaningful.

4. Ads make too big a difference in the primaries. It is not uncommon for somebody in third place in the polls to soar like 25 points to victory in the week running up to the primary. This is unrealistic, and I guess it's due to the effect of ads. In any event, it should be mitigated somehow.

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