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President Forever + Primaries Update, v. 1.00.5


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I had to reinstall my copy of President Forever + Primaries with 1.00.2. Now though when I've patched it, it only partially updated the game. PF+P says that its version 1.00.5, but a lot of the files are still 1.00.2. I suspect that the autoupdater assumed that I was using 1.00.4 and so only updated the files necessary for it and 1.00.5. How can I get my game patched up and ready?


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Question. Before I update I want to make sure that I don't lose all the Candidates & endorser that I have added to game. Not only that but I have also re-did the Primaries Calender for both party to match the real 2008 Calender! So my question is how do I make sure that the files that I have updated in 2008 File aren't erase and get the up date.

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Hi danieldlmn,

First, go to the Scenarios folder in the President Forever + Primaries Folder, and make a copy of the scenarios you have edited, and then past them into the same folder (for example, copy the United States - 2008 folder, and then paste it). Then rename this new folder something unique. Any files that are edited in the default scenario folders (such as United States - 2008) might be overwritten in an upgrade. Although the program makes backups of files before replacing any, this can cause a hassle, so always make a new folder in which to edit files first.

Then update. Now you can load your edited scenarios using the unique name you gave the scenario folders above.

Anthony Burgoyne


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Hi dr abc,

So are you saying you start a new game in v. 1.00.5, and then have a problem? If so, could you describe the problem and, if applicable, send us the save game (zipped) causing problems?


Anthony Burgoyne


Still getting that savegame bug.. not so often but once I get it I can't save again in a campaign
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I have tackle A lot of the 2008 problems if Tony want to use my 2008 scenario as the official one here what I have done

What have done:

Candidates added: Governor Tom Vilsack of Iowa , Senator Barack Obama of Illinois, Congressman Duncan Hunter

Change in where the convention will be held: Democratic Convention will be held in either Denver or New York City on August 25 to August 28, 2008(I have chosen NY until it was for sure.)

The Republican Convention will be held in Saint Paul, Minnesota on September 1 to September 4, 2008.

Changes in time-line of the primaries for both partys to match what the 2008 calender look out is

Republican time-line ( note: there was total of 6 or so states that the dates haven't been set but they have rough idea where they will land)

Republican primaries and caucuses

* January 21, 2008 - Iowa

* January 28, 2008 - New Hampshire

* February 5, 2008 - Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Missouri, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Utah, West Virginia

* February 5, 2008 - Florida, Michigan

* February 12, 2008 - Tennessee

* February 9, 2008 - Louisiana

* February 19, 2008 - Minnesota, Wisconsin

* February 26, 2008 - New Jersey

* March 4, 2008 - Connecticut, Georgia, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island, Ohio, Vermont

* March 4, 2008 - Pennsylvania

* March 11, 2008 - Mississippi, Texas, Washington

* March 18, 2008 - Illinois

* April 15, 2008 - Colorado

* April 26, 2008 - Kansas, Nevada

* May 5th, 2008 - Alaska

* May 6, 2008 - Indiana

* May 10, 2008 - Wyoming

* May 13, 2008 - Nebraska

* May 20, 2008 - Kentucky, Oregon

* May 27, 2008 - Idaho

* June 3, 2008 - South Dakota

* June 6, 2008 - Hawaii, Virginia

* June 9, 2008 - Montana

* June 10, 2008 - California

Democratic time-line

Democratic primaries and caucuses

* January 14, 2008 - Iowa

* January 19, 2008 - Nevada

* January 22, 2008 - New Hampshire

* January 29, 2008 - South Carolina

* February 5, 2008 - Delaware, Missouri

* February 12, 2008 - District of Columbia, Tennessee, Virginia

* February 19, 2008 - Wisconsin

* February 26, 2008 - Arizona, Hawaii, Idaho

Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, Wyoming

* March 4, 2008 - Connecticut, Georgia, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, Rhode Island, Vermont, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, Wyoming

* March 7, 2008 - Colorado, Utah

* March 8, 2008 - Kansas

* March 11, 2008 - Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Texas

* March 18, 2008 - Illinois, Oregon

* April 2008 (date to be determined) - Alaska

* April 1, 2008 - Pennsylvania

* May 6, 2008 - Indiana, North Carolina

* May 13, 2008 - Nebraska, West Virginia

* May 20, 2008 - Arkansas, Kentucky

* May 27, 2008 - Washington

* June 3, 2008 - Alabama, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, South Dakota

* June 10, 2008 - California

Endorser added: President Bush, President Clinton, President Ford, President H.W. Bush, President Carter, Speaker of the House: Nancy Pelosi & a change in all the new Governors that were elected in 2006

Change in the Majority of Congress

Thing that I plan on doing later on:

Candidates to be added: Senator Evan Bayh of Indiana (D), Governor George Pataki of New York ® (note if you can think of any more candidates let me know)

These candidates I plan on doing later later on, once I get the position ( I may need help resizing the pic though)

Constitution Party: James Gilchrist

Green Party: Rebecca Rotzler, Rich Whitney

Libertarian Party

Announced candidates for the Libertarian Party:

Steve Kubby, George Phillies, Christine Smith, Doug Stanhope

Prohibition Party

Gene Amondson

Any help would be great Thank you

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Thanks Aidan for the report (and feedback!), this will be fixed in the next update.

The 80soft Team

Really minor thing but hopefully this can be tackled in the next update - in the 2008 scenario Alabama has two governor endorsers.

Other than that this continues to get better and better! :)



Hi danieldlmn,

Looks good! We will be making changes along these lines to the official 2008 scenario, although probably not until later this month. Although we have a third-party scenario backlog right now, due to the release of P4EP in the last few weeks, we will start processing them again quite soon. If you want your modified 2008 posted on the 80soft.com scenarios web-page, just send it to us.

The 80soft Team

I have tackle A lot of the 2008 problems if Tony want to use my 2008 scenario as the official one here what I have done

What have done:

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