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Hey guys,

I want to create a scenerio that shows Jed Bartlet's first run for the White House. I've included a few candidates just for fun but was wondering if anyone could crate the candidates and then I'll do the rest. Here are the candidates.


1. Governor Josiah Bartlet (New Hampshire)

2. Governor Franklin Delano Rawley (Wisconsin)

3. Governor Brandon Long (Kentucky)

4. Former Governor Parris Carroll Townsend (Maryland)

5. Sen. Bill Goldblum (Nevada)

6. Sen. Robert Buchanan (New York)

7. Sen. Kenneth Yamaoka (New York)

8. Sen. Albert Noah (Tennessee)

9. Sen. John Hoynes (Texas)

10. Sen. William Wiley (Washington)

11. Rep. Rufus Woodsman (D-GA)

12. Rep. Karen Dayton Deveraux (D-PA)

13. Rep. Tomos Peters (D-PA)


1. Former Vice President Winston Chives (Arizona)

2. Governor Phillip Jackson (Florida)

3. Former Mayor of New York City Robert Ramsey (New York)

4. Sen. Ricardo Hernandez (Texas)

5. Sen. Richard Grant (Virginia)

6. Rep. Barbara Morales (Maryland)

7. Rep. Porter Weingarten (New Jersey)


1. Political Commentator Tom Dobbs (California)


1. Daria Lane (Massachusetts)

2. Party Leader William H. Franklin (California)


1. David Harl (California)

2. John Whitlow (Nevada)

3. State Senator Wendell Miller (Nebraska)


1. Kathryn Spencer (Arizona)

Some of these people are pure imagination, others are from TV, movies, books, and the rest are from political simulations


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