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Okay, I've integrated the Green party into the 2004 election. Now, I'm working on the primaries, since they did have more then one candidate. But I'm confused...why do Dennis Kucinich, John Kerry, and John Edwards appear to get votes in some of the primaries?


Here's the site that details Green primary results. Hopefully someone can tell me why. If not, I'll just include the candidates who are actually Green party members, except for Nader, because he eventually went Independent, and if I leave him on the ballot and he wins...there would be two Naders running:blink:. If someone would be kind enough to list who they think should be Green presidential and vice-presidential candidates, that would be great.

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And, while I'm at it, are there any other candidates that I could add to other parties, or other parties that I could add? The Libertarians actually did have three nominees running, and the Constitution party had several that were considering running as well. I'll only consider parties (for now) that had ballot access in more then 15 states.

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Some GP members favor cross-endorsing candidates. Some write in protest votes. Still others are insane.

And here's some stuff on the P2004 race... http://politics1.com/p2004.htm

Yeah, I just found that site...I'm going to try to keep the Green candidates to a minimum, because it's a lot of work to go into a general election you can't win. Any other parties you think should be added?

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Judge Roy Moore was courted by the Constitution Party in 2004. I'd suggest adding him as an alternate but turn him off as a default (since he wound up declining to run). Makes for an interesting "what-if" though.

Yeah, I was thinking of making the candidates who considered running off by default.

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