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As most of you should know, Maine and Nebraska use Congressional Districts to proportion EVs, while Colorado has a ballot initiative to award EVs proportionally.

Here are some ideas of how to represent this:

* Maine CDs 1 and 2, and Maine overall are regarded as seperate regions. You can't campaign in 'Maine Overall', but you can campaign in CDs 1 and 2... whose votes add up and become the Maine Overall total. 'Maine Overall' receives 2 EVs, while the Congressional Districts each receive 1 (like in real life). The same would hold true for Nebraska and its Congressional Districts.

* Somehow a random 'coin flip' would happen to determine whether the ballot initiative passes. If so, then Colorado's Electoral Votes would be distributed proportionally (For instance, if this happened in 2000, Bush would've gotten 5 and Gore 4). If not, then Colorado's EVs would occur as normally.

Just some ideas... I have no clue how they could be implemented :P

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SSVegeta123243 I agree with you on the merits of the Electoral College - it prevents the tyranny of the majority! :)


Regarding your certain future barb that only votes in urban places will count, and thus voters with be disenfranchised (and you will most likely use Cali as an example):

All Californians do not vote for the Democratic candidate. Thus, the ones who voted for the Republican are disenranchised, as their votes technically do not count in the national total.


Wyoming Population/EV: 164594/EV

California Population/EV: 627253/EV

Every vote in Wyoming is worth 3.8109 times a vote in California... anywhere in California.

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When you vote for president, all you do is just vote (in the case of winner-takes-all states like mine) for all-Dem or all-GOP electors, then they choose the President. I think that a porportional system might be fairer for "disenfranchaised" regions. California has too many electoral votes up for grabs in a winner-take-all situation. Perhaps elect all but 2 electors in each state by congressional districts and the remaining two are "super electors" elected by the statewide vote?

Politics aside, aren't electors able to cast their vote for whoever they want regardless of the vote in their state? I seem to remember that there was an elector from Texas in the 1970's that kept voting for some congressman instead of to whom the voters committed that elector to.

The fact that an elector could do this should be examined and implemented in the game although it is very very rare.

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yes electors can vote for whoever they want but u almost never see an elector go rouge and vote against the people and the ec needs to go

lets say i'm a reublican in california or a democrat in utah y should i even go out and waist my time voting if my vote really doesn't matter in this system every vote doesn't matter but if we went by the popurlar vote every vote would matter

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