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my 2008 scenario

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I created a 2008 scenario today for myself but I would like to post. I am a Democrat but I tried to make it accurate and it comes out rather evenly.

The premise: Bush is reelected in 2004 (which I even think he will be) so the White House is open in 2008. Bush's approval ratings have incontrovertibly and steadily declined except for jumps for 9/11, the Iraq War, and the capture of Saddam Hussein. I think it is reasonable to believe that if Bush will continue to decline (the majority of people already believe that we are on the wrong track and independents are rapidly turning against him) pending some catastrophic and unifying event. This brings up the point that the Democratic Party is probably better off losing this time because, if the nation continues to become disheartened with Republican policies, then the Democrats would be poised to take power in a way similar to the Democratic Dynasty of FDR, Truman, JFK, and LBJ or the GOP Dynasty of Nixon, Ford, Reagan, Bush I, and Bush II. I did not make this scenario pro-Democrat though, instead I tweaked up Democratic numbers in several blue states and a few battleground states, while raising the GOP in a few hard core Republican states. In other words, the nation remains divided (of course its easy for you to alter that). Most of the issues are the same as they probably will be, except:

Stem Cell Research replaces Abortion, obviously this a big future issue

Bush Doctrine replaces Affirmative Action, 2008 could bring an assessment of eight years of reactionary foreign policy

Iran replaces Military Funding, I'm setting the scenario as if we are on the brink of war with Iran, very possible

North Korea replaces Military Intervention, same deal

Social Security profile raised, definitely true

Terrorism, an assessment of the beauracracy of the Homeland Security Dept, (Wyoming presently gets the most money per capita)

Democratic Candidates

Hillary Clinton

John Edwards

Evan Bayh

Russ Feingold

John Kerry (another shot?)

Democratic Veeps

Barack Obama

Bill Richardson

Joe Kernan

Ed Rendell

GOP Candidates

Chuck Hagel

Bill Frist

Jeb Bush

Tom DeLay

George Pataki

GOP Veeps

Bill Owens

Rudy Giuliani

Rick Perry

Condi Rice

Green Party



Ventura/Sanders (Ventura does pretty well in Minnesota)

Also a couple changes in the electorate

FL -1

HI -1

IL -1

CA +1

NM +1

AZ +1

I have one poblem, Edwards only has 5 CP for some reason

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Bush will win! So it is quite accurate. You could also do an alternate Kerry win in '04 in which dozens of Dems contest him in 2008 because his presidency was such a joke!

Please don't inject your own political beliefs into this. This board is for discusion about scenarios not for you to spread your right-wing propaganda.

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I made soviet invasion, thanks for the input, I hope to make more!

Whatever, this is open discussion! I have contributed alot to scenario discussion. Your post is a typical left-wing attempt to silence free speech!

Thats a big joke. Bush it the one who introduced our wonderful (<- Sarcasm)Patriot Act. I can't even say what I think about him without worrying the CIA will arrest me for questioning, and you think we're trying to silence free speech?

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