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Senarios I'm working on

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We need to get back to the game. Bush won, Kerry lost, I'm sad, many are not. OVER.

Here is a list of Senarios I am currently, or soon will be working on, and will send them in.

1)George W. Bush dies in a plane crash in the middle of his 2nd term, Cheney then resigns do to health problems. Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert becomes president. Hee is now trying to win the presidency in his own right. Can he win the primary, let alone the white house?

2)This will be a two part Senario. After the 2004 election the states that voted blue were allowed to secced and they did.

1) RED STATES OF AMERICA - the states that voted Red in 2004 hold an election in 2008. With the majority of Liberals gone what are the new politics of the nation.

2) BLUE STATES OF AMERICA - the states that voted Blue in 2004 hold an election in 2008. With the Majority of Conservatives gone, what are the new politics of the new nation.

3)THE GREEN DEAN DREAM - The democrats have decided to move right. Howard Dean and other have now joined up with the Green Party. the new Greens are more powerful than ever and have a small, but more legit shot at the white house. Is this the democrats true nightmare, or a new beginning for America?

What do you all think?

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How established is the Green party in relation to the other parties in your Green/Dean scenario? Do they qualify for federal matching funds? If not, would it be possible for you to make it up by establishing some kind of reciprocal foot soldier/groundswell movement for the party as opposed to the more established parties' monetary advantage.

Obviously, I understand that there should be some disadvantage to the newly strengthened Green party in this scenario, but if there was such a realignment of parties, I think the groundswell for the Greens at least in foot soldier establishment would be to their advantage.

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I have only begun making this senario. however, I don't know how to make more foot soldiers available, or a groundswell of su[pport. They do have less money, and are slightly less esablished, but I will try to somehow find a way where they can raise more money.

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I like the ideas.

One way to create the grass roots movement bonus, so to speak, would be to set the foot soldiers' morale in states where the Green Party have a decent chunk of votes to very high (plus 2 in producing foot soldiers). This would give an advantage to a Green Party building many foot soldiers, compared to the Democrats and the Republicans.

I don't however know whether it is possible to program the states that way.

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