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President Forever + Primaries - Pre-orders Now Available

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I have noticed bugs in the game. 2004 was basically insane for various reasons, including Bush pretty much dominating the entire election. And in 2008, I see the Constitution party in the lead in Alaska and Alabama.

Ah well, the game has huge revamps and changes, so, yeah, a lot of bugs to be expected.

Edit: Also, election night has certainly improved much, but can it be sped up a bit for those who would be testing scenarios, or just feel like running fast campaigns?

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Sure takes some getting used to having primaries in different dates. Gives me a better understanding of how the primary system works. First time through, I had no idea what I was doing and got trashed as Edwards in 2004. Do they really only have 2 or 3 million on hand? Doesn't seem like a lot.

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I looked at Wikipedia and many of the frontrunners had raised more then 7 million by the end of the third quarter of 2003 - when the game starts. Might have to fiddle with the funding levels.

But the funding figures are only notional anyway. in any case, certain costs eran't calculated into it, so it's only how much cash each candidate has in comparison with the others that matters.

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Wait, people have already been getting their pre-orders? I just used the pre-order function to purchase it because I didn't see an option to purchase it regularly. I've been charged for the product--will there be another batch of e-mails sent out, then?

It takes up to three hours for it to be sent out.

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I bought my copy :D

How long before we get it?

Calm down. It's so full of bugs as to be unplayable. If we want a working copy Congress Forever in time for the elections (which was always unlikely), the we'll have to wait on P4EP for quite some time.

I'm going to try and put all of this out of my mind because version 1.00.1 still fails to address serious issues.

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