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President Forever + Primaries - Pre-orders Now Available


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Same here, but I have a possible reason: Standard vs Daylight time. I'm not sure if Canada is still on Daylight Savings Time or not, and that would certainly kriff things up when we're looking at down-to-the-minute timing.

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AHHHHHHH!!!! I need to get my email before I have to leave for school... I've got a 2 hour space between classes and I want to play it on my laptop!

EDIT: WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! (That means it came)

Well, take a good break once everyone gets their link to the game.

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Hi Tomas,

Thanks for the confirmation - we have identified the source and should have a new version available that addresses this by the end of today.

I will post more information here when it is available.

yes, it's an european pc
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