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Need help creating scenarios

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I've been pretty interested in creating scenarios, but I'm never successful. When I've spent hours and hours creating candidates and changing the game files, and I attempt to play my game, I keep getting error messages that I don't know the meaning of.

Recently, for example, I tried to create a "Conservative States of America" scenario to match the "Liberal States of America" one that's on the 80soft website. I got the following error messages when I finally tried to play:

"Access violation at address 0040DE91 in module p4e.exe. Read of address 00000054."

"List index out of bounds (-1)."

"Error in adBox: getNumAdMaking"

What do these mean??

Is there any comprehensive guide (besides the help file) to creating successful scenarios?

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Did you change any party names? If so, did you change them in every single file and make them exactly the same? If you added or removed regions you have to make sure that the electorate_trends file was altered accordingly (if you take out 4 regions, reduce the number from 51 to 47 and vice versa.)

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