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What are you most excited to try?

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So, as we wait for the release of PF:Primaries (hopefully in the next day or so), what are some situations you're most looking forward to playing out?

I'm personally a big fan of the extreme under-dog type scenarios. So I'd probably like to try a 2004 GOP Primary or a 1996 Democratic primary season as a marginal challenger to the incumbent... just to see how well I could do. Maybe a one-on-one between Bush and someone like Alan Keyes. See how many delegates I could collect.

I'm also really interested in trying out Bob Kerry in 1992 and Steve Forbes in 1996. Both of those scenarios really appeal to me. As well as Dick Lugar in 1996 (again, my love of underdogs).

Might even try giving someone like Larry Agran (1992 - Democratic) a spin, as an extreme long-shot in a crowded contest. See if I could negotiate for the VP spot or some other secondary prize. :)

So, what are the candidates and races you're all looking most forward to playing?

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Well, I dobut they will release an offical 1996 scenario, so you'd have to wait a bit for users to create that.

Anyway, I'd prob try to do the following:

Anderson in 1980 Republican primaries (If he is in them, and not just an independent)

Harkin in 1992

Mike Gravel in 2008 (If 80soft includes him, otherwise, Bayh)

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I want to try Gore in 88, Ferrero in 84, and the Kennedy's: Ted in 80, Robert in 68, and John in 60 and 56 for VP. OH! Also, John Glenn, I know he ran once...

I've never edited in the format the new game uses, but if I can, I'm going to start right away on a West Wing '06 (It'd be cool to play as Santos or Hoynes) and a Primary Colors scenario...

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I diffenatly can't wait now! What year primarys will they include? Well here's a list of what I want to achieve:

Gary Hart in 1984, Henry "Scoop" Jackson in 1972 or 1976, Humphrey in 1960, Ted in 1980, McCain in 2000, Dole in 1988, Rocky in 1964, Al Gore in 1988, Bill Bradley in 2000, Romney in 1968, Reagan in 1976, RFK in 1968, McCarthy in 1968, MIKE GRAVEL in 2008! the list goes on. This is if 80soft added these scenarios. Hopefully

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I thought I remembered 80soft saying they would be including 4 scenarios with the game when it's first released. (One of which would be 2008, obviously.)

My choices for playing:

Giuliani in 2008

Tsongas in 1992 (Can Elmer Fudd beat Elmer Gantry?)

Reagan in 1976 (if such a scenario is available)


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The problem with 2008 is that we don't know who the candidates will be. We can take some guesses, but that is it. Also, there may be some new issues between now and the start of the primaries. The Iowa caucuses are 15 months away. If they are going to have another "official" campaign, it will probably be 2000.

As for what my plans are WRT scenario creation, I will probably work on upgrading my "Santos Vs Vinick" scenario to have primaries.

Before we do any modifications, we are going to have to play the games a few times with the "regulation" scenarios just to see how everything works

BTW, is there going to be a new candidate editor with this game?

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Hey everyone,

President Forever + Primaries will include 2008, 2004, 2000, 1992, 1980, and 1960. All the scenarios will include both the primaries and the general election.

Some of the scenarios will be released initially, and some will follow in free upgrades available through the game's AutoUpdater. More news soon ...

Anthony Burgoyne


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