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which poster makes the best points  

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  1. 1. which poster makes the best points

    • ssvegeta
    • creigl
    • hardright
    • matt
    • cubs

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I've seen polls like this on other forums, they tend to make people angry when not picked as best poster, or even nominated. They also tend to lead to a sense of elitism that I don't like on forums. ::shrugs:: It's also the wrong section for said poll.

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I think this can possibly help us hone our skills??? But, as to who is the best? Well, that varys with opinion. Naturally.

I once talked with the Constitution Party 2000 Candidate and Party Founder, Howard Phillips after the election thanking him for running. He "said if he didn't run he'd have nobody to vote for" so self-votes might count very little in the end. :)

Interesting topic.

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::scratches head:: I didn't think that'd come out the way I wanted it.

Yall were talking about this topic not being any good. Well, if folks pointed out some weaknesses in some of our posts (like mine above, where I didn't clarify) pehaps we can gain better insight into posting skills. Constructive criticism? But not to make anyone of us to be better than another.

Also, about the voting process in the poll. Well, will the poster mentioned vote for himself? I used Howard Phillips quote to mention he voted for himself. That's all. Perhaps the posters listed should refrain from casting votes? Perhaps not. It our decisions to make.

Of course all this has nothing to do with P4E but neither did my Historical and Biblical posts, but then again we still have freedom here. :)

Sorry for any confusion.

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well I'm still not sure what your talking about but i do agree with u on the end of your post. majority of our post end up going off topic and have nothing to do with the game itself so it's a little weak to criticize me about going off topic now but i agree with u all this post was unnecessary

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The 1st Forum Election. By Creighton Lovelace.

The day blossmed cool and crisp as the sun began waking the town nestled in the shadow of the concrete jungle as SSVegeta123243 rolled out of bed, stretched and punched on his computer.

"Well lets see what the guys at the P4E forum are up to today" he thought.

When he logged in to the blissful P4E forum he glanced at the PM4E forum and as most paid it little attention. He mused as he waited for the site to log him in: "Most posters would not think about PM4E and why should they? They were Americans with their P4E! The greatest forum provided by the Supreme Administrator...." just then the screen appeared and he began looking around.

As he scanned through the posting, the rattling of creigl and his rabid (or morbid) historical ramblings about the South, trying desperately to save the already Lost Cause was already beginning to fade away. Creigl was a leading poster in the rising Confederate Scenario topic. He already had laidout his plan of an "alternate history timeline." How shocking could one get with such a dire view of the future or that would be history.

SSVegeta123243 scanned over the blow by blow accounts that he and creigl had posted a while before and noticed that the thrill of the hunt and of the debate was beginning to fade away bit by bit.

"Well, they're still viewing that though" SSVegeta123243 mused.

Suddenly he recalled a tactic that had been used elsewhere with some success. He decided to implement his brainstorm to the P4E board. Perhaps this would show him how the others had rated the debates and other topics.

"Yes. The idea of a election would go well with the political junkies. Who would not like an election...especially if they were one of the candidates?" he mused as he typed out the new poll.

Almost immediately a flurry of protest was initiated from all quarters. MattyN who himself was a candidate joined in with YoungCTrep and claypole in issuing statements from their P4E intrest groups (there were no 527s around) that the thread was not productive. Even HardRight Conservative the candidate of the Hard Conservative Right chimed in blaring from his campaign headquarters that the poll did not advance the P4E forum.

SSVegeta countered back to his fellow candidates and other forum users that he agreed this was totally unessecary.

"But it is still here, we'll see how it all goes anyway." SSVegeta123243 thought.

MattyN attempted to ensure that SSVegeta123243 was not being condemned too harshly. MattyN, a collaborator in the Confederate Scenario topics with Creigl, decided not to take sides and campaign for himself or anyother candidate but kept watch over the situation from time to time.

While campaigning on the topic, SSVegeta123243 found a new campaign slogan and promised to use his head next time. But would there be a next time? With the sake of posters around the forum at stake and hanging in the balance who would win? Only the steady march of time and the slow voter turnout would tell. SSVegeta123243 held his cards and waited.....

By now, the rambling factual poster creigl had arrived, posting a well, rather confusing post about Howard Phillips and some other stuff about skills.

SSVegeta123243 could not quite decipher what creigl meant.

"What does he mean?" SSVegeta123243 blurted out. He typed in: ".......creigl dude what exactly are u talking about..." Now, lets see how the preacher explains himself." He smiled.

Creigl shot back a little while later, obviously amused also and rambled on.

"He didn't even understand what he was typing heh." SSVegeta123243 smiled even broader. But the answer still did not satisfy, although he did see some rationality towards the end of creigl's post.

Then another poster in the forum, Eric3446, blasted out and cried for the Supreme Administrator to delete the thread.

Ahh yes, the Supreme P4E-Creator. Not one to be worshipped but not one to be taken lightly either. It was an odd situation in the forum. The Supreme P4E creator went by the name of Tony Burgoyne. He himself had taken on the form of a poster in the forum so that he too could rationalize and join in with the citizens of his grand place: the P4E Forum.

As the candidates anxiously watched, the Hard Conservative Right candidate recieved another vote!

(A hush falls over the crowd as all intently look as the hard Conservative Right candidate takes the lead)

The election now had a leader! But it was not over yet.

Creigl called upon the hard Right Conservative gentleman to congratulate him upon his early lead and mused:

"Its not over yet...."

Creigl too wondered if the election would be crushed by the Supreme Administrator, Burgoyne.

"Wasn't that the name of a British General during the American War for Independence?" creigl mused.

The leading candidate HardRightConservative was an activist member of the Hard Conservative Right. He was a staunch conservative who stood up against the evils of Sodomy and Abortion. From campaign posts in other topics and threads it seemed as if the citizens of the forum, well 2 at least, found a poster candidate that pleased them.

Seeing this lead, SSVegeta123243, ran to the forum and cried with a loud voice:

"Vote For Me" as he stood back to observe what happened he was shell-shocked when no votes were added to his column. But he, as the others watched and waited wondering if another campaign post would do their cause well, or if that campaign manager should be fired, replaced or quite possibly paid more.

Then in the wake of the harunging and shouts to end the posting on the election. Creigl the self-named long winded preacher. Arose to the podium. He had mused over the entire thread and began his campaign speech styled after that of a Shakepearean play: "Julius Caesar." The jovial pastor prayed and cleared his throat:

"Ladies and Gentlemen lead me your ears...........eyes rather. I come not to praise creigl but to urge you to cast thy vote for......... the long winded preacher!"

(crowd huzzahs speech)

Creigl emerged from the stand and looked at the polls and wondered:

"Will we claim victory here, or will the adversaries triumph? One can only wait and see...."

As the sun as ran across the blue cloud wisped sky for another day it appeared as if the claim with the Supreme Administrator would not come to frutition. Eric3446 was disturbed that the Supreme Administrator did not answer his cry.

SSVegeta123243, creigl and the other candidates went about the other topics and thread and kept secretly campaigning, all knowing that any overt sign would frighten the moderate swing voters.

So by the end of the day after the sun had set SSVegeta123243 climbed back into bed and fell off to sleep muttering " i'll use my brian next time, i'll use my brian next time, i'll use my brian next time..............."


Hope nobody was offended. Just a little sarcasm, humor (I hope) and just general storytelling. I'm open for critiques. Not blatant criticism but constructive criticism. ;) God Bless.

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