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This spam BS is really getting annoying. I am more than willing to volunteer to be SPAM killer on this board. I'm sure that there are others here who, if given the power to do so, would be happy to smoke these idiots and their moronic posts within minutes of them appearing.

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For the life of me, I can't figure out how these morons think it's an effective form of advetising. Most people are too smart to buy from that type of sleazeball.
Some of it is actually convincing at first, like the whole "CNN War News" thing with the bot talking about Australia responding to the North Korean nuke test.

Of course, realising that the person has one post, and looking on Google and finding out the link doesn't exist makes it clear that it's spyware.

And that, is even worse. I'd be glad to be a moderator in general discussion or something, though. Since that's where most bots are sent. (They usually go for the first forum area that they can post in)

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