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A Call for Unity

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I was extremely sad when i saw that he wasn't going to win, I really was, But what's really a shame is how is a polarized nation like the US going to get back together, I just don't see it happening. I just am in shock still, The Republicans for the next 2 years at least are going to continue to destroy this country, They will run up the deficit, they will probably even ban abortion and it's just a sad state of affairs for the United States right now, They have officially hit Rock bottom, Not to mention I think we the democrats have just been decimated, I Cannot believe what happened, It's just really upsetting to believe that we are going to have this man for four more years I just do not know how we are going to do anything. But I am looking forward to the challenge of rebuilding the party, so that come 2006 we will be running a well oiled machine, We will figure this out, but for the meantime it is just so hard to not keep my mind of this election.

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I don't know what's going to go on in 2006 I've put a map up, It looks like Rick Santorum is up for Election, we are going to need to put a strong candidate out against him, I say that I hope Rendell drops out of running for Governor for Pennsylvania again He would be a strong Candidate against Santorum. I think It might be important we also remove Olympia Snowe, she may be a bit liberal, But it's time a democrat took charge, John Baldaaci who is the governor would be a great candidate against her.

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