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I mentioned it in the Alternate History thread, I've created a CSA - 2005 Scenario. All this talk of the Confederacy on this forum brought back all my old Alternate History reading days.

Major Parties: Confederate (Centralized Government, Conservative), Democratic (States Rights, commonly more Conservative), Independence (Moderate to liberal)

The vote is actively split 3 ways so it's REALLY difficult to win, so far...well, for me anyways. If anyone's interested I may submit it after a few more tweaks.

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Zell Miller has been a very Conservative Democrat from the beginning...he's been a State's Rights activist and I see him as a very viable candidate. I'm sorry you feel that way about Senator Miller.

Edwards is a bit more liberal than Gore, I think I will switch them. Thanks for that suggestion.

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And, it is finished...it such a difficult scenario...I've only gotten Zell Miller to become President once...and that was because the whole election was thrown into the House! :blink:

Final Version:

Confederate - George W. Bush, Condi Rice

Democratic - Zell Miller, Trent Lott, Roy Moore

Independence - Al Gore, Richard Gephardt

Liberal - John Edwards

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