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I have a number of Senate and Governor Election 2006 Scenarios that I have made and I will soon be sending them in. I am just waiting to see where some of these races are headed. I am now starting work on doing a few scenarios on House elections for 2006. I have just begun ones for New Mexico's 1st District (Wilson vs. Madrid) and one for Minnesota's 6th District (Wetterling vs. Bachmann)

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I have to enter regional variables/electorate trends (so far, I've done the non-English countries and the West Midlands and upwards) and fix platform issues on my President of the United Kingdom - 2011 scenario.

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Oh, whose standing?

I plan to put in a few candidates for each of the four parties - Liberal Republican, Conservative Monarchist, Democratic Labour and Regional Solidarity. And just for you I might put in a far-right Conservative Monarchist (since they include BNP and UKIP) from Dorset (or whatever region it's in) :P.

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Are these completed?


*Senate and Governor Election 2006 Scenarios

*House Elections

I know these will be great, just like your other scenerios

Principled Conservative-

*Revamped United North America


*What scenerios were you making?

I hope these come out soon because we haven't had any good President 4 Ever scenerios recently

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