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i notice most of the 2008 scenario's people used there own political feelings and most have came out pretty weak. the best is who Vs whom but that is very hard to win as a democrat because Ventura is made more important than he is and he does take votes from both parties not just 1 (unlike most 3rd party candidates). i suggest somebody make a new 2008 scenario that is unbiased

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Sorry SSVegeta123243, I do try to make my scenarios as unbiased as possible. In Who vs. Whom, I wanted the Democrats and Republicans to be equal and have Jesse Ventura play a sort of 'Perot-like' role. In my 'A Nation Divisible' scenario on the 2000 race I wanted it to be as close as possible to the actual showdown between Bush and Gore without any of my biases included and put in nearly all of the 2000 nomination contenders. In 'Who vs. Whom' I wanted to include quite a few possible contenders for the nomination in each party to increase its entertainment value. I am glad you enjoyed it and please let me know if you have any comments or suggestions on how my scenarios can be made more enjoyable. :)

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ya i think nader should have been left out because i highly doubt he will run in 4 years since his support is already dwindling and between nader and ventura it's almost impossible to win with a democrat (but i have done it with kerry)

also add obama that guy is the future

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Obama wouldn't run in 2008, he'd have barely been on the Senate. It would be a poor move on his part, I see him waiting until after his second term.

Suggested Candidates for 2008:

Repub: George Pataki, Jeb Bush, Condolezza Rice, Mitt Romney, Thomas Ridge, Zell Miller (Democrat who could swing)

Democrat: John Edwards, John Kerry (he wins), Bill Richardson, Tom Vilisack, Zell Miller (very Conservative Democrat)

Green: David Cobb, Peter Camejo

Libertarian: Gary Nolan, Michael Badnarik

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True, but John Edwards had finished his term...I see Obama as the type who'd rather finish his term than just jump into things. He'll probably run for 2 terms before running for President...that is, if he wins the second term, (I have little doubt that he'll win this one).

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u think alan keyes has a shot? he isn't even from illinois he has no shot of winning i heard 2/3 of the vote is already with obama. it depends if kerry loses (god forbid) it will be a 2 way race between hilliary and edwards so there will be room for him to make a bid for the white house i see edwards/obama in 2008 i doubt the republicans can find two people that could beat that team and if kerry wins those 2 will run in 2012

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No, I have no doubt that Obama will win in Ill...my wording must have been off.

Edwards/Obama...I've got some names that could make it interesting:

Rudy Giuliani, Bill Owens, Mitt Romney, Thomas Ridge, George Pataki...any of them would make it an interesting race.

Side-note: Governors tend to win over Senators ;)

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history also says that vp's usually don't become president but the 1st bush won and gore won the popular vote. i think an edwards/obama would be tough to beat because the entire democratic party could support them and the only knock on edwards is expierence and in 4 years that won't be a problem. tom ridge? please

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also when u have a black man running for vice president u can throw history out the window

Careful now. We said something like that in 1984 and look what happened to us.

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I have a feeling the Republican who runs in '08 isn't even on the radar yet.

If Bush loses, would he run again?

Or, God forbid, if he were to "win" again, would he run again? Push through a repeal of the 22d Amendment so we can have "continuity" in the war on terror so he can get another four years?

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Oh no, we're going to have a more exciting team in 2008. The bipartisan McCain/Zell Miller team:


Though originally made as a fake bumpersticker for '04, I think that could be fun for 2008 :lol:

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Well mcCain really cant run for president,a s well as miller.

They would be in their 80's by their second term....

Plus, I would love to see a Hillary vs. Condi Rice Battle Royale.

Condi would kick Hill's a$$, would win the female vote, the black vote.

Thats like 58-40 right there.

Also, I'd love seeing her giving a dirty look at middle east tyrants....

She's make a great VP for Frist too.

A Frist-Edwards debate would be awesome....

Frist a former doctor vs. A former Trial Lawyer who sued doctors, raising the price of healthcare....

2008 is going to be awesome... If Kerry wins, and has anyhting short of a good 1st term, he's out....

The people he might face (pending 04)

McCain (likley not)

Powell (likley not, but would beat anybody, and would make a fantastic president)

Rice(great credintals)

Frist(great experience)

Giuliani(not alot of experience tho)


Santorum (Im not a favorite of his)

Romney (big fan)

Arnold (HIGHLY unlikely) (and i think he wouldnt be a good prez)

Simply put if Powell were to run in anytime, from the Gulf War, he would have won any presidental election. He would have beaten Clinton, killed Gore, and killed Kerry.

The Republican party has needed a strong black voice for a long time, and as the party, moves more to the middle on social issues, he's the perfect man, because he has a brilliant mind, and he's a millitary genius.

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Jeb Bush might also run.

He is moderate like his father, unlike Bush Jr.

Although, he isnt very popular anymore in FL, that hurts him a lot.

If he becomes popular like his brother was in Texas, in a huge, centrist state like Florida, he can beat Kerry too.

At the current time he would lose.

And when I'm old enough to vote in 08 and Giuliani is the Republican nominee, Ill vte Libertrian, unless he gets more experience. A mayor is not fit to be President of 300 million people.

Rice is different because she was a NSA, and is a scholar, and is a highly intelligent and strong women.

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