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1924, LaFollette

Paul Drye

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I'm playing the fun elections in the US, of course. Straight two-party battles are kind of boring. This morning, it was me as Bob LaFollette in 1924.

Real World Results:

Calvin Coolidge: 15,725,016 (382)

John Davis: 8,386,503 (136)

LaFollette: 4,822,856 (13, Wisconsin only state won)

In the game:


LaFollette increased his electoral vote by more than 3 times, and took six states. As you can see in the box at the right, he came pretty close to major coup, taking California. Idaho was also quite close.

His romp through Coolidge's territory, coupled with two serious scandals on J. Calvin, were enough to act as the spoiler in the election. Davis won the most electoral votes (just barely), but no-one had a majority. So, of course, the election went back to the House and Davis was named president.


  • Why are Eugene Debs and the Socialists in this year? I did some checking and the Socialists didn't run anyone in '24. There was a Socialist Labor party, but they had actually run independently of Debs in 1920 and were very minor anyway (38,958 votes total, about 2% of what Debs got in this game); their candidates were Frank Johns and Verne Reynolds. I think I'll run this one again at some point with Debs turned off.
  • The popular vote is also astonishing. Coolidge is way ahead, but somehow managed to lose out to Davis in the college. I'd have to figure if this had actually happened, there'd be a major call for reform to direct voting.
  • Nice hair, Bob.

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Ooops! I made a mistake there with Debs! Sorry about that. Glad you enjoyed 1924 and 1932 though!

Ah, so you're responsible for many of the scenarios, I see! Thanks very much for that. I find the 2004 scenario too depressing, so having all these historical elections to play makes the game much more fun.

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