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President of the United Kingdom - 2011

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OK, I'm working on a President of the United Kingdom scenario (and this will probably get done since I got the annoying parts like the map and issues out the way - that's what tripped me up on Bromley 2006, since all my election leaflets got thrown out :angry: ). The blurb is:

After the Liberal Democrats swept to power in 2009 with a majority of 94, the party put forward and won a controversial referendum to abolish the monarchy and the House of Lords. With the parties gathering together on a number of tickets, who will become victorious? Can the new Liberal Republicans keep their success up, can the United Conservative Monarchists take control or can a rising Democratic Labour movement spring back from 2009? Can the Regional Solidarity Alliance make gains and provide a crucial vote-splitter for the major parties?

The map is split up into multi-county regions. For example the South East have Kent and Surrey, Sussex, Berkshire and Hampshire, and Central South. NI is an exception, with Northern Ireland West (all nationalist constituencies except Down South in 2005), Northern Ireland East (all others outside Belfast) and Belfast.

Right now I have to do the regional variables and electorate trends. So it looks like it could be done in a decent amount of time.

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president? wouldn't it would PM?

sorry, that's a stupid question, but please answer is anyways.

No. The thing is, the monarch has been replaced by a President, and there still exists a Prime Minister. So this is for the President, while the PM is still elected as leader of the biggest party in the House (currently it's Chris Huhne, Liberal Democrat leader).

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