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Candidate stances


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Here we can discuss candidate stances for offical 80soft President Forever scenarios. We can list corrections, etc etc.

Note: When talking about candidate stances, remember that they are platform stances. And that they may be different from what a candidate actually did (assuming the candidate became President). So, suggested changes should be ones closests to their offical platform during the election.


John Kerry:

Public Health Care: Center-left

Abortion: Center-left

Michael Badnarik:

Free Trade: I'm not sure, but I know he's against NAFTA. Of course, him and Nolan's stances are basically those of extreme Libertarian's in President Forever, and most likely not their real stances. Same extremes can be seen in Ed Clark and Andre Marrou's stances.

George W. Bush:

Immigration: I know this is his personal stance (Or at least, was) but was it in his offical platform?


John Anderson:

Business tax: Center-right

Ronald Reagan:

Business tax: Center-right (He was a fan of Anderson's business tax cut plans and used them while in office. I'm not sure if it was in his offical party platform though.)

Terrorism: Center-right

James Carter:

Military Funding: I'm pretty sure he was pro-decreasing millitary funding. Thus putting him at left on this issue. But, I'm not sure. He may have decreased military funding during his first term. So it's either left or center-left.

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