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A help for a txt newbie

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Hey everyone, I need your help. I screwed up somewhere and I don't know where.

Here's the thing:

I just finished my first scenario and when I tried to run it, an error message popped up:

"'@running mates' is not a valid integer value."

As a bonus, I did try to make a candidate at the Candidate Creator for this scenario, and the same error popped up. It doesn't come for other scenarios, though, so i didn't screw up the game completely.

I guess this can only mean one of two things:

A-) I screwed up at the running mate field at the candidate .txt; OR (and more likely)

B-) I accidently pasted the "@running mates" string somewhere it didn't belong.

I covered the A option by comparing my candidate .txt file with the ones on other perfect scenarios and they match, so I don't know about that.

As for the B option - the one I find more likely -. I tried to find the bad string (Ctrl+F) on all the files and nothing.

Any sugestions?

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