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Canada's First Senatorial Election - 2010

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A new scenario is now up:

"Canada's First Senatorial Election" - Canada 2010, by Sandy McLachlan

You can go to the Prime Minister Forever Updates/Scenarios page to download this scenario.

Please note: this is a third-party scenario - 80soft did not make this scenario.

The 80soft.com Team

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I enjoyed this scenario and rated it as very good. I have played as Liberal, then NDP and then Bloc.

It is an 85 seat Senate, so I targeted my Liberal campaign on winning a majority of seats - 43. The set goal for the Liberals is to win a Majority with at least 45 seats. Come election day I won 45 seats only to be told by the returning officer that a majority in this 85 seat Senate was 47! I nevertheless became Prime Minister but as I did not record 'a majority' I didn't get on my leader board.

At the beginning of the game, I encountered another quirk, again playing as the Liberal. This version enables you to create Ads and run them from Turn 1. I decided to create 2 TV Ads on Leadership and Experience. When I selected the provinces to run the Experience Ad, I noticed that it was letting me run the Ad for free, so I selected all provinces and ran the Ad for the full 5 days and was never charged. It never happened again and did not occur when playing any other parties.

The Liberal and Conservative players have an Established Party value of '7'. (I thought it only went up to 5) This means that when they spin a story, it only uses one CP to get a 100% spin. This means you are not thinking whether to spin or do something else, instead you just spin. As a result, I think the scenario loses something.

Playing as Bloc, you are set a target of winning 10 of the 19 seats. Once you have got the hang of managing your campaign budget, it should be possible to win all 19 seats. Playing as NDP, it was very easy to win all 10 BC seats which was more than the 5 seat goal set by the author. Outside of BC it is a lot tougher but you should be able to win seats in Manitoba and possibly Sask. I avoided Ontario as it was clearly beyond my campaign budget to do anything there.

The cost of barnstorming and policy speeches seemed more expensive, so I did little of either.

The Ads seemed the most cost effective and you can run a lot of these, particularly if you do a lot of fund-raising, taking your EP levels down to 0. (Given that you don't barnstorm or issue speeches, this won't be a problem)

It made a nice change to play a Canada scenario with a lot less seats, which made it easier to get your head round the targeting strategy. However, given that this scenario has (I assume) largely fictitious ridings data, I would have made the northern territories more marginal to add more interest.

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This is a very good scenario. I am also working on an elected Senate scenario but it will be featuring a Triple-E Senate "Equal, Elected and Effective) Each province will have an equal number of seats.

Tell me if you need Nova Scotia candidates...

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